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What are you listening to Part the Third


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As rock albums go, this has been on the top of my list since around when it was released (1993 or so). Scenesters would call it "post-hardcore" or "post-punk" ... but meh ... 


The singer has such a cool, off-time, staggered sort of approach to lyric delivery... and overall the entire album is good (including a pretty rad cover of The Smith's "how soon is now."





(minutia: it's a good record to test for sibilant issues with your gear as the highs are mixed just a little hot)



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A really special album if one appreciates rich harmonies and meandering americana. I do.


I've had the good fortune to be invited to shoot vid/rec audio for these guys on several occasions here in Houston and across the board, they are stand up folk. When I asked Ben (main singer/songwriter), after our initial shoot, whether he'd mind me posting the resulting content all about the intrawebz, he replied .. "No ... I don't mind at all; we tend to not be too protective of the things we make." And so our friendship was born... and I was completely down with the attitude.


Anyway, they've released a couple other really excellent records ... but I haven't heard anything from them in some time. My suspicion is that they have had some member replacement issues...


Here's them doing the title track from "Oh My God Charlie Darwin" ... a pretty neat live performance that I wish I'd shot (camera work is pretty good). 


Jocie is playing a really wicked percussion instrument called a Crotales ... also at times referred to as "Antique Cymbals." It's typically played with mallets of a sort but she uses a bow. Throughout "Oh My God" ... it creates a rather unique and lingering effect that really attaches itself to the record as a whole.




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