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What are you listening to Part the Third

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Some Glenn system testing.. Current configuration in New place.

I was gonna post this isn Slow, but I think it's more appropriate here.  TMBG's Flood came out 30 years ago today.  After I got past my initial "holy shit am I old" reaction, I reflected upon the firs

It has been a long evening....    a long musical and sad evening.            and lots of Mac 12yo... 

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I kind of dig Jean-Pierre Rampal (collaborator with Claude Bolling), but that's because memories/nostalgia/personal reasons.


But I love that tune, one of my all-time favourite standards; one of these days I'm going to arrange a medley of Sunny/Windy/Spooky (the predicate adjectives trilogy?).  Or maybe it'll go Spooky/Windy/Sunny.  I don't know.

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Also, a 24/96 of Steven Wilson's Hand. Cannot. Erase. -- this is sublime, I really think his songcraft is at an all time peak, and I can really feel the inspiration that he got from the story, because it feels like he wants to convey something that's not his, putting it before himself.  Even the solos seem perfectly placed, in service to the song over just wankynoodlecraft.


Boy am I late to this party!  I totally agree.  This album is outstanding.


And yeah, the deluxe book version gets my vote for the most over the top, attention to every detail, must have been on drugs single album release ever.  


Don't believe me?




Immersion is an understatement.

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Sufjan Stevens -- Carrie & Lowell




Sad and beautiful.


Agreed. I like all of his albums, but this one is profound and mood altering.  I saw him last Saturday at the Beacon Theater in Manhattan -- he was great, but he was wiping away tears as he was playing a lot of these songs.

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Kruder & Dorfmeister - The K&D Sessions, 2014 Web release.  THE definitive collection of downtempo remixes.  Unfortunately, the web release is a very lazy re-issue.  The original 1998 2CD set was "blended" in the studio, as was the trend at the time.  The in-studio mixing wasn't done very artfully and it's pretty distracting to listen to.  Worse still, the tracks are a nightmare to use for DJing purposes.  The definitive edition remains the 4LP German vinyl version.  Tragically, I do not own this.  I remember seeing it for sale in Newberry Comics, for $40 or so.  In the fall of '98 I was fresh out of college, marginally employed and drinking heavily, so I didn't buy it.  At one point, any decently clean copy of the vinyl version sold for nearly $100.  Prices have come back down as vinyl has fallen out of favor with all but the most dedicated DJs.  I don't buy vinyl through the mail anymore after the mouth breathers at my local post office stuffed a 1-of-1000 1992 trance 12" into my mailbox by FOLDING IT IN HALF (I paid 35 British Pounds shipped for the fucking thing, which was ~$75 at the time.)  Studio !K7 did just release a glorious looking 5LP version  which is mighty tempting, but I'd have to have it delivered on flatbed trailer.  


What?  This is What are you listening to Part the Third and not Knuckles Obsesses Over Ancient Electronic Music?  Oh, my bad...

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I think I'd have an aneurysm if my guys at the rw&b (post office) did that to something of mine.  Or go postal.  Or go postal then have an aneurysm.

Anekdoten- Until All the Ghosts Are Gone


I was hoping for a bit more after such a long pause...



Jesus, there's someone I haven't seen in a long time.  How ya been?

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Abattoir Blues/Lyre of Orpheus is/are still my favourites, by a long shot.  First of theirs that I absolutely loved from start to finish; before that, I was only a haphazard fan.  I do still appreciate their other work, but these two just do it for me like nothing else they've done.


EDIT:  And of course they're not on Tidal, so I'm listening to Time Out and Anniemal.

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