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What are you listening to Part the Third


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2 hours ago, skullguise said:

Agnes Obel - Citizen of Glass.  Very nice, definitely similar to Aventine & Philharmonic, but some variations that are quite nice.


AO Cover.jpg

I was just listening to that the other day.  I have no context as to why I was listening to it, other than a friend strongly recommended it.  I enjoyed it well enough, but if there's a story, I wouldn't mind hearing it.

Re: shoegaze -- no real surprises towards the top of that list, if I had to predict it based on safe predictions, but I have my own tastes, and Just for a Day ranks head and shoulders above the rest.  My Bloody Valentine are on another planet, almost a genre unto themselves, but Just for a Day is such a perfect slab of fuzzed out melodic melancholy happiness that I can actually feel my blood pressure dropping, from before I start listening to it to after it's finished.  Chrome is probably my most listened to album across the whole thing, but with rockers like "Crank" and "Show Me Mary", I hardly consider it "just" shoegaze.  But like all my favourite bands, Catherine Wheel never felt like they needed to stay within their chosen genre, so I love them all the more for it.

Nice to see some lesser known acts like Xinlisupreme and lovesliescrushing.  And of course Curve are great.  Goddamn, I love Curve.  I may have to go back and listen to all my Curve.

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Some cool isolated vocal videos from a loop vendor.

If you can't make it through all of them, be sure and watch the 2 Queen videos at the end.

Reminds you what a tragedy the loss of FM was!


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Thanks Steve - Very cool stuff...

Two youtube channels used, with additional tracks... 




Back in the day when I use to buy 12" singles of various ilk, I always liked the acapella tracks that they would sometimes include - cool when multi track is available. 

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