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What are you listening to Part the Third


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5 hours ago, Torpedo said:

Phronesis - Parallax (2016)


This album is also available at Bandcamp. I've enjoyed it a lot.

Unholy carp, just a minute in, and I'm already in love.  Purchasing.  Going to pre-order their next album in the 24/96 format, yah?

EDIT:  Never mind, it's not really "their next album", it's older material worked into the big band format -- so, their Sylva, as it were -- but still, glorious, my thing, definitely getting it...

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This weekend starts the 2017 edition of SXSW. 

As usual, an unbelievable number of cool stuff. 

So I'm always thankful for NPR doing their "Austin 100". A bin of 100 mp3's from artists that will perform at the festival.

Some of these have horrid SQ but it gives you a heads up before the live streaming begins.


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Some Hi-Rez yummage: Cowboy Junkies Trinity Sessions (DSD) and Livingston Taylor Safe Home (24-192)

Trinity is even moar awesomer than other versions I've heard.  Safe Home is excellent sounding, but for the first time - and I've seen and liked Livingston Taylor over many years - I didn't like some of the arrangements/singing.  Still great overall, but I miss the "spark" that he brings to live shows.


CJ Trinity SACD.jpg

LT Safe Home.jpg

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Wait, what?

U2 used to occasionally open for themselves during the Joshua Tree tour under the guise of a fake country band called The Dalton Brothers.

I know a lot of people think U2 are arrogant dickheads, but I think this is pretty damn sweet!

Source: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/lists/u2s-the-joshua-tree-10-things-you-didnt-know-w470808


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