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What are you listening to Part the Third

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Some Glenn system testing.. Current configuration in New place.

Playing a few from this one, one of my mother-in-law's favorites.  I used The Way You Look Tonight in a photo/video compilation for her 75th, we'll play it at her memorial service/life celebration tom

It has been a long evening....    a long musical and sad evening.            and lots of Mac 12yo... 

Posted Images

OkHaving fun (but will watch it from now on! If fortunate enough I may tend to post every other week here or so. 

I enjoy "The Kid Laroi" sometimes twice a month. It is fairly cool in my mind; If a surely different taste for sure. Some his tracks thoroughly annoy me nonetheless, they're easy to enjoy.



















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Lauging for the sake of album art variation, which is good Thank u for trying what is liked: I also included "Sober" by D.Lovato,
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I for one will be glad when you sell your shit and dissappear again.

Your mega posts on every subject are irritating, especially since you never really  add to the comradery here. 

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I've always liked Desmond's way of playing. Dave Brubeck might have been a good pianist... but the soul of his quartet was Paul


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Where would a tame impala sleep? 

Suzy likes to kick a little during the night. I can just imagine a well placed hoof kick.

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I've loved this stuff. T Minus 5's Drummer was my band /orchestra teacher. I am Out for two weeks due For to long, mass sJitposting. I will leave and log out now. I Am comfortable with what is in the mirror

And one day I will read this Linked/attached file. No more OT of mine. I'm caught-up. 

This is misgivings post and a paper... for the likes of me... someday. 


I don't want to sell Kevin Gilmore Stuff. Ever is good. If I can get away with NOT screwballing. I like this place [can I underscore that.] And the People: I just tried.


Nowhere else to leave a doc, but I want to post that last MiTE for the curious, including Me.... please leave me out of this if there were a private-showing after that. 


Thanks and see you in a couple weeks. After things are better. For each person concerned... about my influences../.\

Thanks for having me look°around every couple of days or weeks. I don't feel the need to post in all that many places for the next month Or Few. Thank U


I had another song and it was an ICE-e but it has slipped my mind..







an849 (1) (1) (1).pdf







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Onto, out to a select hotel midi for a couple weeks
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Oh shit Waxahatchee released 3 covers with an anniversary deluxe version of their album from last year. The Lucinda Williams cover is especially nice :)

Bonus: Did not know that First Aid Kit did a live concert tribute for Leonard Cohen


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On 3/27/2021 at 1:42 AM, jose said:

I've always liked Desmond's way of playing. Dave Brubeck might have been a good pianist... 

Then I found this...


...love this thread.

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