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What are you listening to Part the Third


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Was listening to a songwriting workshop by Yvette Young;

Now listening to Al Di Meola home live event.

From one great guitarist to another.  They both write incredibly beautiful music, but couldn't be more different.

I am reminded by both that I need to practice more.

EDIT:  Alas, the Al Di Meola was just the one song.

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One of my best friends (Steve) came over from Cornwall England around 1978 or 1979, and with him brought The Jam's music to me and our mutual friends.  Got to see them in 1980, great show; it was broadcast on a local radio station, and it included said Brit friend being recorded for a post-concert interview as we left the venue!

Other great story is in 1977: for my Bar-Mitzvah party the DJ was playing pretty much disco, but everyone who attended got a promotional single by this group we had never heard of called The Jam.  A promo copy of their first single, In The City, but with a stereo/mono version for side A/B.  Steve pretty much flipped when he saw this, and we called a bunch of folks trying to find copies for him.  I still have my copy....

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