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What are you listening to Part the Third


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Kudos to Adele for making Spotify remove the "shuffle" album default (which stung me more times than I care to admit).  I meant to listen to her to reward her efforts.

Now if Spotify would just pay the artists more, that would be better.

Centipede steps.

Me:  Organ Freeman (LOL)


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It was Sheena Ringo's birthday Wednesday (11/24), and I've been on a Tokyo Incidents kick, so I celebrated her birthday by listening to メートル法のたわごとトン of her solo music, not unlike 

I realize no-one cares, but I got her birthday wrong, it was the 25th.

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Retro revivalist prog -- this album is instrumental, but not all of them are -- absolutely sublime pseudo-classical album


Instrumental rock -- about 50% vocals, loved this album -- really strong song- and melody-writing, not just another shred artist


Alternating between ambient and black metal, I adored this album, the ambient portions were just beautiful, and the black metal portions just made my internal goth/metalhead very happy


First track is fusion, the rest of it is a party -- funk/synthwave/R&B...and one spoken word thingy -- just fun from beginning to end


Cynic, Ascension Codes -- not gonna lie, this is their weakest effort, just not as good without the Seans, still a strong album, something weird about the production, though

Voices, Breaking the Trauma Bond -- varying between full-on harshes black/death metal, and gothy rock/metal, very much liked

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