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What are you listening to Part the Third


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Ghost Cauldron - See What I've Become (Superpitcher Mixes) (2004)


After suffering with a crappy 192K mp3 vinyl rip I got off slsk 7+ years ago, Juno Download finally answered my call and put this obscure-but-wonderful release online. $7 for the whole thing in FLAC, which is a damn sight cheaper than buying the record and paying shipping from Germany (and hoping that the idiot post office won't fold it in half like they did last time) and digitizing it myself.

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Animals as Leaders - Weightless


Not sure if you guys know this band, but it's really great. In fact, it's one of the few heavy artists I still regularly listen to. This new album, Weightless, just leaked and it's fantastic!

To those who may want to know what it's about:


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Peter Hook and the Light - Live in Australia. "NOS" Joy Division. The mix is done well, and the music is great.

I tried listening to this, Todd, and the vocals were a big hangup for me. Peter doesn't have the same feel as Ian, but I am sure it was more fun live.


My Brightest Diamond -- All Things Will Unwind

Unfortunate cover, imo, especially given the other ones that were really well done.

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