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What are you listening to Part the Third


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Beirut: The Rip Tide (Folk-rock, Dream pop, folk-rock)


Godspeed You! Black Emperor: F# A# Infinity (Post-rock, modern art music)


Purity Ring - Shrines (Electronic, Indie, Electro-pop)


Tanlines - Mixed Emotions (Indie pop, Electronic)

Recommend all of them. Might as well give them a listen. If you like the genres they fall under they're really great. If not, well, how can giving them a listen hurt?

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F# A# Infinity is one of my favourite post-rock albums of all time. Definitely my favourite by GY!BE.

I definitely agree, it's probably actually my favorite post-rock album. I still enjoy Mogwai and other post-rock bands, but there's just such a special feeling with F# A#. I feel like it transcends the genre, and despite whatever the artists themselves may think, it gets close to the level of classical music when it comes to music as art.

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A truly memorable recording of the Chopin Fantasie-Impromptu Op. 66; and a world reknown interpreter of Franz Liszt.

If you haven't heard Georges Cziffra you should check him out - the youngest person ever admitted to the Franz Liszt Academy which he entered at age 9.

His interpretations are primarily in the older Romantic style tending towards the daring, dramatic and emotional.

Stunning technical prowess, and a giant among the greats of 20th Century piano.


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