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And now what did you do TODAY?


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I went for a follow up with my PCP yesterday, who got me in two weeks early for a follow up with my surgeon today.

I'm doing great, I got my stitches out, and I have been released to go to work next week. I was worried about my pain meds, and not sleeping, so I got put on Lortabs + Ambien + a muscle relaxer to take me off the harder stuff (oxys and morphine) that I've been on to date. I still have some areas which are numb to some degree, but all but one area continues to show noticeable improvement daily.

Now I get to fight with my employer and the Short Term Disability provider about getting approved for the couple weeks I probably won't get paid for. It seems I didn't qualify by about 24 days (went corporate from temp on Sept 8th, surgery was sometime mid-August). Grrrr...

Can't wait to get better so I can get back to drinking again!


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Thanks to everybody for your good wishes. Here is her obituary.

I never met Morgan. This was mostly due to me and Stacy being separated. Ryan, her husband and Stacy's nephew, lived with us for about a year before he joined the USAF. He had just returned from a 6 month deployment in Afghanistan. Morgan went in for some cosmetic surgery. Saturday is her birthday so it might well have been her birthday gift.

The Air Force put on an impressive Memorial Service. She was obviously popular as the chapel was completely full. From everything I learned about Morgan, it seems that she was a nice, smart go-getter with an unlimited future. Her death was a terrible tragedy. I'm sorry that I never got a chance meet her.

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