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And now what did you do TODAY?


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The only plaster I've ever had to wear was when my dad accidentally drove a car on my arm. To not upset the grandparents I was told to say that I fell from the stairs, so until I was like 18 I actually thought this was true because I somehow materialized the false version in my memory. Btw, I was two years old when that happened. I still have a picture with me sitting on the lap of my grandpa all bandaged up and both of us showing off the plasters. He caught a moose with his car, the damn thing came through the front windshield and landed on his lap. Because the old windshields of soviet cars didn't have any tape the glass cut him up pretty bad. So he somehow got the moose in the trunk and all covered in blood and moose shit drove to the hospital.

In other news- wen't to the gym finally and made three hotdogs for dinner.

Regarding the bionic hand- just get a hook with the right diameter, the rest will be left for imagination.

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Today was awesome- me and my buddy Magnus, we went swimming/hot-tubbing in the ocean. There is a geothermal plant about 80km from Reykjavik and it dumps all of the hot water in the ocean nearby. As the water is about 70-90°C and it's essentially a small river of it therefore the ocean nearby stays quite warm. It's like taking a hot bath only with 1.5m waves, too bad that the coast is made from volcanic rock though. And for added danger the whole place is covered in a mist that stinks like rotten eggs. Basically the waves appear from the mist. All in all it isn't too dangerous if common sense is being maintained.


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Might want to consider bringing a girl, instead, or in addition, next time. Just saying.

Yeah, too bad that my gf is in Latvia. And some of the places we went were quite dangerous, these lava fields can have really sharp edges and not to say that I don't have confidence in the fairer sex- I would not like to take any chances. Magnus actually did manage to fall down and cut his chin and hands on them. Other than that it was great fun, next time well try to wear some sandals or something that doesn't slip too much. Ideally one would wear climbing shoes or something like that. Here's a picture that should give you an idea what I'm talking about.


And now imagine what a bad fall would do to naked skin- it's like falling on a grater.

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Hey, now you're talking!

That sounds a lot better than "me and my buddy went swimming/hot-tubbing in the ocean..." which reminded me of this:

http://www.ebaumswor...o/watch/679770/ Not that there's anything wrong with that.

It's a pity that old SNL skits are really hard to find in decent quality. And we might organizing another (less sausagey) trip to that spot, should be incredible to be there in a snowstorm. Too bad that snow is really scarce in Reykjavik these years. Also I'll bring some kind of gloves next time, today I realized that I have cut my hands on these rocks. There was one moment when a larger wave picked me up (turns out I'm more buoyant than I thought) and started to wash me into the ocean with the back draft so I had to hold on really hard to one of these porous rocks.

Anyways- if someone of you guys ever fly over to visit Birgir, be sure to check this thing out.


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