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And now what did you do TODAY?


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I got an email from one of my recruiters saying that the phone interview I had on Friday wants to follow up with a real one in person. Yay!

Then he called and said that the recruiter on the company side misread, and they don't want me in for an interview. Drat!

I'm having a tough time being angry at either one of them, but man, couldn't they have just gotten it right from the get go, rather than raising my hopes first then dashing them down? (I threw a temper tantrum in the car like Detective Matthew Sikes at the beginning of Alien Nation the TV series at the end of the opening credits as soon as I hung up the phone.)


(calmer) Also, I still want to work for them.

I'm going to brush up on my Java tomorrow, that's the main reason I didn't get the interview, I answered honestly during the phone interview that I haven't done Java in like 15 years. But I was so good 15 years ago, it should be just a matter of getting back into the (ahem) swing of things. It's just a matter of catching up with the tools and libraries! I tried to convince them of that, but ... well, I've been told before that my honesty will be my demise.

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I still prefer general honesty; maybe just hold back on some facts (like the amount of years since using Java), but never oversell. Having been interviewing lots of people over the past weeks, I am constantly finding examples of falsely upgraded resumes with work they have little or no clue about when pressed. We went through the hassle/work to get a contractor in, and within a week knew he wouldn't work out. It was almost like a different person landed in our office compared to the one who interviewed.

Definitely brush up on the latest, but IMO never oversell yourself without being confident you can do the work. Everyone will be happier in the end. Once established in a company, opportunities should come.

And good luck!

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Sorry they built your hopes up Dusty! I agree with the general honesty approach without stretching or overselling your qualifications. I'm sure it would not take very long at all for you to brush up since you were quite good at it in the past. Being too honest can cost you; I've done Java in the past would be honest enough, particularly since you were good at it.

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