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And now what did you do TODAY?


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echoing what I sent via text, congrats, I'm having a Sam Adams The Vixen in your honor tonight :)

I just got back from having dinner with a good friend from high school's little sister. When I used to hang around their house, I was 19 and she was 13, and we barely talked. Tonight we talked for about 3 hrs, and it was like we've been friends forever.

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somehow dragged myself in to at 7, despite a migraine that started at about 10:30 last night and hasn't gone away. imitrex has blunted it, fortunately. hoping to go home as soon as my coworker gets in at 8:00.

Sorry to hear that reks. I've been going through a migraine patch and it sucks. Especially hard when you wake up with one. I also happen to hate imitrex and the other triptans. Feel better.

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Do tell longer term impressions, that might be my next phone.

Will do. Initial impressions are pretty stellar. The screen is excellent and the overall feel of the phone is very good. It's light in the hand, fits in a pocket well (better than the droid X despite being larger, due to thinness) and battery life has not been an issue today even though it has had to cycle through 4G/3G several times and even down to whatever verizon's edge network equivalent is and I just got done using it for a half-hour conference call. The 4G speeds are ridiculous, even though at best I get 2/5 bars here at the office.

Anyway, I'll give it a few weeks and see how the wow-factor holds up and report back.

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