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And now what did you do TODAY?


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Got back today from an 8-day trip from Colorado to North Carolina and back, to get my daughter moved into college.

I was amazed that we could pack all her gear into the car and still see through the back window over the boxes. I was afraid we'd have to use the roof-top box that cuts 10-15% of our gas mileage. According to the trip computer our 2006 Subaru B9 Tribeca averaged 22.5 mpg by the end of the 3500 miles, but only achieved 21.6 on the way out there due to the bike rack and extra weight from all her stuff. So we had to get at least 23.5 mpg on the return trip (uphill) to bring up the average. Anyway, I don't think I ever want to do this again.

We now have 99,850 miles on the car and when we do end up replacing it I'd like to find another 7 passenger AWD vehicle about the same size but with better gas mileage that's still as much fun to drive. Whatever we do, I'd likely be looking at a 2-3 year old used car and not taking out a loan on a new car. A 2010 Toyota Highlander Hybrid might be just the thing. We almost traded this car in for a 2009 MDX a few days before the trip, but with only $11,500 trade-in the difference in price was too high, and actual gas mileage was almost 10% less (the MDX trip computer showed about 18.5 mpg over the past 3,000 miles, while the Tribeca was averaging 20.1 before the trip).

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I did my first bleaching session last night. Now I'm a ginger. Last year, I started bleaching on October 4th, and had severe breakage from doing too much bleaching without enough recovery time in between sessions. This year, I started on August 26th, and will be a ginger for 2 weeks instead of 2 days. No offense, Colin, but it's not really my thing...



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Actually, it looks kinda alright with the beard bleached, too. Like a young Santa Claus, before he went white.

Like the Son of Sam(ta).

Here is last year's first session versus this year's. There is just too much hair to do it all in one shot, so I thought I'd have some fun with it...



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No, I swear I've seen a picture of a Santa with exactly that color hair. I want to say, Rockwell, or some Russian painter or something...

(wanders off to perform an image search for "blonde Santa Claus"...HELLO!...turns safe search back on...uh...that's a little better...)

I give up, maybe it was Ted Turner colorizing Santa or something...

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Stay safe, Floridians

It was a fun time even though I was 0 for bacon at dinner and Grahame only shared his with Joanne.

Esperanza was gorgeous and sounded pretty good too. biggrin.png

Al, Have no fear, I'm sure we can address your Bacon Deficit at some point in the future.

Esperanza was so joyful, a rare treat indeed.

Edited by Grahame
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