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And now what did you do TODAY?


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Al -- so many jokes, but I will refrain -- what Nate and Shelly said -- wishing you a minimum of discomfort and ultimate realization of your ...um...no, I said I'd refrain...sorry...


Vicki -- you'll get over the self-recriminations -- much more rewarding to have a house paid off than forget to pay -- I've never had, but I've had a car paid off (in fact, I've always had my car paid off since the 80's), and even that is a pretty good feeling.

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Congrats, Vicki!

My brother did that sort of thing when he was in college. Thought he had two more courses to graduate, and signed up for them for the Spring semester. Then in the middle of February, he was applying for a job so had to request a transcript. Looks at the thing, and says, "Shit! Says here I graduated in December!" Of course, he was quite the stoner, so it's no wonder...

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