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And now what did you do TODAY?


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Good day with the grand children yesterday. Daughter came to pick them up and both talked briefly and gave me a hug. First time I had seen any of them since March if memory serves.


Really sounds great, Al.  Glad to hear you had a nice visit and that hug must have felt pretty damn awesome!


Nice Dan, how packed was it along the way?  Hopefully you stopped a few times.


Me: finished mowing the yard in brutal heat.  Took a 25 mile bike ride later in the day in worse conditions.  My Garmin said the average temp was over 90.  Thank god for the new AC.


Were you just trying to test out whether your new AC unit could prevent heat stroke?  Take it easy, cowboy.  [but still, congrat on the new AC.  :cool: ]


Day 4 of the living room renovation. Slower progress than hoped, but things are going well. The floor was 7" out of level in 16'. You read that right... 7"! The joys of living in the loft of a 100+ year barn. But it's one of the last things I need to do before the baby comes. My father has, as always, been amazing to work with. Can't wait for things to wrap up.

Celebrating my 2nd anniversary!


Congrat and congrat!

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Ok, since this Snowden thing I have been a little paranoid of the CIA drones flying around this part of LA.  Well today I finally spotted one in the distance in act of surveillance.

















I always knew the CIA was active out here; caught in the act absolutely no doubt about it!



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I'm on 875mg Augmentin 2x daily with Ofloxacin Otic (what it says on the bottle)solution 0.3%, 10 drops, 2x daily. Just did the drops for the first time, kinda freaked me out a little. Felt like my ear was full after just a few drops. Supposed to stay on my side for 5 minutes, wound up being more. I FIGURE they should go down in (followed directions to get it to flow), but seems like it may not be working too terribly well for me. This is the same ear I had a sebaceous cyst on a couple months back. That was fun too.


I follow up on Thursday morning. Started hurting worse after work, but hopefully things will be better soon.



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10 drops felt like way too much, especially at 2.20$/ml. Feels "full" at 4.

Hearing isn't as bad as last time, a little stuffy.

Tonight, definitely going sub-5. Directions say hold head sideways for 5 minutes, took much longer than that, otherwise most would have dumped out. I've tried the lobe tugging and whatnot to struaighten the ear canal, but it's still not feeling like everything is getting to where it needs to go.

Pain sucks though.

Thanks for the info.


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I don't know if you have available ear drops with Ofloxacin plus dexametasone, they could help to speed up the inflammation control, hence the pain. Ear pain is really bad. Drug yourself :D

Pull the pinna back and upwards, not the lobe. That's  what will align the canal with the timpanic membrane



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