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And now what did you do TODAY?


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Congrat on finally giving the NSA a real time update of your location, and a new row in their metadata database , Steve :)

Yup! I bet there's some suits breathing a sign of relief, stacks of cash are being exchanged and the calender with all those red X's is being taken down as we speak!

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Basically they were looking for a guy who'd be able to write about tech stuff- computers, tablets, cellphones - also some industry insights. My previous position was an IT project manager in a construction material retail site. I'm pretty sure the experience will come handy, however the new employers told me that my knowledge was what pulled me ahead of the other applicants. I don't know about that really- before the audio madness I was quite a computer buff but now I have forgotten most of it. I do love learning new things tho and hope that it will get me through.


As for getting hired- in my neck of the woods it's really important to have the right connections. As a society we are still pretty traditional, hence nepotism is prevalent. Sure, they won't hire any klutz son-in-law but being friends with people can get you an opportunity to show your muscles in an interview. And that's what I did - went to a bar a few times with one of the chief editors, showed that I can handle my liquor which allowed my application to reach the right people. I really felt that I shined in the interview which lead me to the third stage- writing actual articles. Did my best there and got that special phone call from their HR folks. Almost peed my pants.


I wish your wife best of luck, Edipis - scoring this job was the best feeling I've had since graduating. Just don't loose hope and never stop improving your skills!

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I'm currently installing Windows XP on an old machine, for the purpose of evaluating Reaper audio production software.  Sipping cheap Canadian whisky while I wait for the hard drive to format.

I'm wondering why XP?

I've been using Reaper 64bit on osX 6.8 for over 4 years now.

I love it!  I also have PT10 and Pyramix (Pyramix on XP and win7).

The strength of Reaper is that you can configure it to fit your needs and work flow.

Be sure and take advantage of the floating toolbars and toolbar docker. Until you learn the gazillion key commands, creating a button for stuff (with tooltips) will help you get things done in the beginning.



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XP because that's the disc I have in the house.  The computer was gifted to me on the condition that I completely wipe the hard drive, and the original owner didn't have the OS disc to give me.  Realistically, I'm going to be too busy with kids and other stuff to use Reaper to its full potential, but if I can record my drums and a few other things, and add some sequenced tracks once in awhile I'll be happy.  I've got an M-Audio Delta 1010, which I've had for 12 years or so, as my ADC.

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Glad to know Reaper is working well for you, Ironbut.  I'm hoping to really learn how to mic my drums well.  There's a small community hall near where I live that can be rented for nearly nothing, and it would be a great room to get that big drum sound (like what Steve Albini squeezed out of Dave Grohl's drums on In Utero).  My mics may limit me, but I can borrow from friends or rent if need be.

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