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And now what did you do TODAY?


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True, Dan.  She doesn't call herself a "real" vegetarian, I'm sure there is a title for what she does (bacon included).


Hope you fell better!


HI --


There are names-designations for all these pseudo-vegetarians.  I am one who eats fish and eggs.

        (and bacon if reaallll drunk)

I could be called a  Pescetarian,  (also spelled pescatarianism) is the practice of a diet that includes seafood, but not the flesh of other animals.


But I don't get all tense about it. 

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I've never really felt this compelled to help out. One of my classmates in med school did the entire Appalachian trail with this gentleman before starting med school and said it was unequivocally the best experience of his life. His companion on the trail is making a movie about the trail itself and well, here is the kickstarter page in case you are interested in helping out. Both guys are genuinely good human beings. 




*I stand, in no way, to gain anything from your donations. Just trying to spread the word for a bunch of good guys.*

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Signed up for ATT's new Value 10 GB family plan. Saves me a nice chunk of change, and gets me more data. Nice.

I wish I could do that - as of now, it still costs us more to use their damn share plan.

Edit - never mind, just saw that they have cheaper pricing once you get over 10gb data.

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its the ATC 150s.

i signed for them, but the one guy they sent said they were too heavy to get up the steps.  we both tried picking them up but there is only the smallest of lips to get your fingers around.  I sent him on his way and had my dad come over.


The lifting straps didn't do shit, it was too big.

oh my god am i tired.  So tired...


My dad said I've gone insane when he saw the woofer.  He insists there is no way we are going to get them up on cinderblocks.  

God, are these things huge.  


I was sitting down while he was unscrewing the top of the crate and he almost touched a tweeter with his finger, not realizing it was the face of the speaker he was working around.  I just about died.


Homeowners policy: apparently they don't see this type of thing very often.  I had to make it clear that I'm not running a recording studio for money or anything.  


"Nope, this is just listening to CDs in my living room."  So they know I'm crazy now


Its going to be an adventure prying the boxes apart without touching the speakers. No screws on the sides of the crate.


there's no way i'm going to get them unpacked today, i've got to plan this out.

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Document the process (piccies) in case you have to reverse any steps.

Take your time. Plan. Any external markings (This way up, fragile, open here, call 1-800-BACK-OUT, for handling instructions),

A- Frames, Block + tackle.

Do you have a powered exoskeleton Handy?


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Day three of single parenting my two while the wife is out of town. It wouldn't be that bad except I am under a massive gun right now at work. She's back for 36 hours or so weekend and then 4 more days. I love my kids but this is exhausting. Couldn't bring myself to work after getting them to bed.

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