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And now what did you do TODAY?

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I helped this guy move into his new place in Mayberry.   

This morning I put the final touch on the silverware chest that Steve and I have been building by installing the insert that holds our silverware set. I bought it from Rockler and designed the chest a

Moving day! New furnitature looks amazing in the new place. Hat tip to @Hopstretch who sold me his family’s old dining room set. My old apartment was too small for a dining room table so I’v

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Thanks guys, We eally appreciate all of your support!

It's definitely been a tough road and hard work, but it's paying off. I just feel bad that I'm a bit farther ahead than my daughter, who not only sustained multiple open fractures in both legs but ripped all the ligaments in both of her ankles.

Once it was clear that the pickup truck was going to slide right into our path, and there was nothing that we could do about it, my daughter had put both feet on the brakes right up until impact. Cutting our speed in half, while the other driver was sliding towards us at 60-70mph and couldn't slow his speed, probably saved our lives.

But in return she ended up in worse shape than me, with much more severe acute pain and more protracted lingering pain. Which is a crazy thing to say since I snapped my left femur in half, shattered the fibula, broke the end off my tibia, and broke my right kneecap into pieces, along with five broken ribs and a pulmonary contusion.


This has caused a ton of pain and suffering, but she's been more miserable every step of the way.


PS: My other big problem is that I am having trouble weaning off the long acting pain med (Oxycontin), as my body has become used to it and I suffer withdrawal symptoms.  The meds don't make me high or anything, I just get sick if I stop them or go more than 24 hours without a dose.  I've gone down from 60mg a day to 10mg a day but can't get off completely.  I'm seeing the doctor today and will double check if I can use some short acting Roxy to wean off the long acting Oxycontin, because those I can cut up into smaller pieces as I go down. 


My Kaiser health insurance is a pain in the ass because they paid for 20mg 2x/day for 30 days, but after 15 days when we wanted to change to 20mg in PM and 10mg in AM (a 25% drop), they refused to pay for the 10mg until I'd used up all the 20mg after 30 days.  It wasn't about preventing abuse, it was about their money.  So, at the 30 day mark I was forced to cut my dose in half from 40mg a day to 20mg a day and I suffered the side effects.  They didn't care, and I'd like to see them get punished for setting policy that hurts the patients.

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Filed my taxes. I wish that the Federal Government was better at doing withholding calculations for their employees. Still got a pretty nice refund and took about half of it in Amazon money for 10% bonus. Should get me a lot of the way to a HT setup.


Edit: Glad to hear that you're doing relatively well Larry. Sorry for the pain but as others have pointed out it's better than the alternative.

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Submitted my tax info to my accountant, based on preliminary numbers from said accountant I am well on my way to funding a B2 bomber.   :(   Better than the alternative I guess.


Did I mention I hate the IRS?

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Any chance it's just source and drain that are swapped? If so, they might still work.


It is the source and drain that are flipped, and Fairchilds definitely work in reverse, but these don't seem to, although they do conduct. I'll keep testing in case it is something else not working, but so far it is a no go.

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