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And now what did you do TODAY?


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If you don't have renter's insurance, get it!  Glad you're okay!

Yes, we have it.

Checked the building today, the entire back side of the complex (it's a sort of inverse courtyard layout, where parking is in the rear middle section) looks like those old pictures of London in WWII. As if a bomb was just dropped through the roof. 

Our landlord (who owns a bunch of buildings on the street, but luckily not this one) is convinced it was arson. I don't know what could cause that much structural damage outside of a gas leak. 

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Neighborhood was insanity last night. Apartment three buildings to our west caught fire [possibly via explosion] and the whole building engulfed pretty quick. Took all night for fire dpt to put it out. 

WAY too close for comfort. Not my picture, but you get the idea.

Holy crap, I'm glad you're alright! Brings back memories from my apt fire.

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It's officially hardtop season, so in addition to cleaning a bunch of grit and grime off of it from storing it outside all summer, I got Thule tracks mounted on it, the Thule towers and bars I kept from the last Jeep and the ski box test fit for the upcoming ski season.



Also did a bunch of yard work, trying to clean things up before weather really turns.

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I got to drive a pre-production hydrogen fuel cell vehicle (Toyota Mirai (it means future)) around San Francisco, briefly, today.

The required infrastructure isn't really in place yet, and Elon Musk has said why are we even having this conversation (wrt. Electric vs hydrogen powered cars) but still cool nonetheless. TCO doesn't make sense for me but it does get you a white HOV Lane sticker.




P.S. don't mention the Hindenburg

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Longer than to refuel a Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle . Toyota were quoting refueling for 300 mile range in 5 minutes or less, which seems real world practical , even if as Elon states the end to end efficiency of a pure electric is higher. Different approach, different trade offs, pick the one that best fits your use case. I could see it being more practical for people without a dedicated garage / parking space / overnight charging point. Needs a more pervasive infrastructure, and more economies of scale. Ubiquitous fusion power would help both camps.



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