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And now what did you do TODAY?


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Agreed. I just started allergy shots a month or two ago because I can't take it any more. Especially after last year when I almost lost hearing out of my left ear. Granted, that was also due to the labyrinthitis, but the blocked up Eustachian tube didn't help. At all. Probably started too late to help for this year, but very hopeful for helping for next year, as this season already seems to not be as bad as last year.

I actually made the first appointment late last summer but didn't start shots until Feb. Stupid American health care system!

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I just started daily Zyrtec and Neilmed nasal wash routines.  We have had very aggravating Santa Ana wind conditions recently but so far so good.

I will need to be real aggressive this year since we are having these weird environmental phenomena know as "rain" and it is causing all the pollen generating green things to bloom and release California's version of fairy dust.  Oh, and snake season started last weekend, so stay tuned for pictures.

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I usually get up before my wife in the mornings.  Go into the bedroom today, she's up and looking a bit down.....

"Morning....what's the matter?"

"...my toilet's clogged, the wi-fi is down, and even cellular data doesn't work...."

Maslow's updated hierarchy rings true....


New Maslow.jpg

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Thursday Lance fenced  the former Russian Federation women's foil team member, and European Champion.  Yesterday Lance fenced the University of California, Santa Barbara open foil tournament.  The tournament consisted mostly of college students and adult fencers yet Lance took first place/gold medal.


photo 001_zpsbwjqcwmb.jpg

                                                                                                     It was a good day.  

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Disco is my life.
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