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And now what did you do TODAY?


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Fair waring.  I only post in this thread to bitch.  This post will be a challenge to make because my MBP's trackpad is freaking the FUCK out right now.  I've disabled all the gesture functions and it's still spazzing like mad.  

My weed whacker would not start yesterday, in spite of me taking it in for maintenance scant months ago.  I managed to tear the skin off my right index finger pretty well, which makes doing pretty much everything hurt.  


What I have to do is what's in this video, after first removing the batter (which is NOT covered in it).


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My understanding is ethanol in pump gas can degrade the rubber bits inside a 2 stroke carburetor in only a couple years if the tool is stored with fuel in it.

Home Depot and the like sell premixed fuel that does not contain ethanol but $5 a quart is silly.


Anyhow... A replacement carb for this trimmer was $18 on eBay, the rebuild kit was $6.

I should have ordered a new carb. Will know better next time. :D

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