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And now what did you do TODAY?


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I was so tired I couldn't post a picture with 5 tries. I kept falling asleep without knowing which pic I clicked, but there was a 2 hour drag show on the stage downtown. It was Zoë's first drag show, and she loved it.


There was Phoenix from RuPaul's Drag Race who did two sets.

There Zoe is, one in from the right next to her friend, and standing with mystery dude, Mrs. Pride Chattanooga 2016, and my friend Katie (who Colin, Fitz, and Santa all know.)

I took more pix with my SLR that are actually good, so need to edit them; will try to post those tonight.


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7 hours ago, Craig Sawyers said:

In a moment of madness I picked up 250 78rpm discs. All classical, complete sets and soloists like Gigli. My god they are heavy - I reckon that they weigh in at 75kg (170lb).

Next task is to catalog precisely what on earth I've got.

Oh - the whole lot was free of charge.

WAF = 0 or even negative.

I have about one hundred 78s, all classical, in basically mint condition, and no way to play them.  Definitely weigh a ton!  I got mine for free, too. No wife, anymore, but the girlfriend doesn't care. Ain't her house. :)

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Good luck Mike (and glad to hear your vertigo gave you a break)!


You guys with 78rpm records;

I'm a fan of the "intangibles" that are captured on many of those old disks. Most folks who are serious about these early recordings have transferred playback to digital. 

If any of the members here have done this, I'm pretty good at noise reduction and have a number of apps for that purpose. 

Feel free to PM me and I'd be happy to do some restoration work ( once it's in digital form) for the asking.

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Put up old school plywood shutters on half the house (accordions and roll-ups on the other half). It feels like the damn things having been gaining weight faster than I have in the 22 years since we made them. If Mike (one of the fittest people I know) is too old for this hurricane shit, I'm seriously too friggin' old. Hopefully impact windows on the remaining windows next year.......

Like Mike said, this thing is probably not going to hit us, but not doing all the preparations would be like going to a riot without a vest because you think drunk people don't aim well. One twitch in the wrong direction could be seriously bad.......

2016-10-05 18.55.04.jpg

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8 hours ago, skullguise said:

Good luck and stay safe Mike, and all in the path.  Anyone hear from Wayne?  I saw that the storm should have been far enough away, but haven't seen/heard much for details....

Wayne still posting anti "her" posts on FB as of 41 minutes ago so I assume all is ok. 

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