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And now what did you do TODAY?


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Was turning left on a green light when a lady driving a huge SUV hit me square on the driver side. Jumped out of her car and yelled, " oh my god! I didn't know there was a light there. I didn't see it!" Paramedics and police arrived and her story changed to "he jumped a red light." 3 police officers couldn't find any witnesses but out of nowhere someone yelled, "whatever the lady is saying is correct." Apparently, this was enough for the crash investigator to determine that I was the one at fault and gave me 2 tickets. My few month old Civic is likely totaled. The lady is/was visiting from Puerto Rico, driving a rental car without any identification and denied having a cell phone even though she was the first one to call 911...The police crash report only has her address in PR on it with no other information. I am not sure how the Police just let her off the hook and blamed everything on me. There are two cameras pointed straight at the intersection but the police department says they are only for determining light cycles. When I asked them why the lights need a camera if they are on a timer, I have been hung up on twice after essentially being threatened to drop the matter and just pay the fine if I don't want things to get worse. 

Fuck Florida. 

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59 minutes ago, Augsburger said:

Excellent Jacob, now you can have regular get togethers with the Florida crew?

If they drive to Ohio, sure!

That really sucks, CJ.  It sounds to me like the cop just wanted to make his/her job as easy as possible.  Depending on what the fines/insurance issues are, it might be worthwhile hiring a traffic attorney. 

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Well... It happened yesterday but, still kind of big news.

As it turns out I also have ADHD. I started to use ritalin. Well it is the easiest disorder to cope with which I have.

But drugs are getting more complex and riskier.

But I'm not down. Now I can see clearly and I have a new challange. :)

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