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And now what did you do TODAY?


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Watched two soccer games today with this guy ...


He in fact hung around all day. I thought he had left when we packed up to leave but when I got in the car and took off my jacket he popped out and jumped into the door handle cutout. Rode all the way home with us so when we arrived home I scooped him up and put him in the garage to feast on the insects living there.


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Even as a Pats fan, I agree Philly deserved this.  Sad, but not horribly upset.  And of ALL the people who I think deserved it, Nick Foles tops that list.

Talk shows in NE are all over the "end of the era" discussions now.....TBD what happens, some very fishy things went on (like Malcolm Butler, NE's best/second best cornerback, not getting any defensive snaps).

Meanwhile, Brady didn't go down in flames so much, the defense and team as a whole did.  Brady had a fucking amazing game, breaking records for Super Bowl numbers for a QB.  The defense was what took a collective shit, against a very underrated but good Philly offense.

Party hearty, Philly, enjoy what should be a good team for years!

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Awesome game!

I have lots of Philly friends and I'm happy for them. There isn't a better town in the US for sports fans IMHO.

I agree, Brady had a great game and the rest of the team just didn't rise to the occasion this time. 

But what a fairy tale for Nick Foles and the entire Eagles team. 

It was great to see such gutsy play calls from an underdog too!


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