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And now what did you do TODAY?


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Well the new rig is as complete as it can be until the 3950x shows up(3600x for now, I'll move it into an office rig). All in a lian li dedk case.

In the desk there is a power strip and a usbc desktop hub for my laptop to plug into so I can use my monitor kb, mouse etc with the same peripherals as my desktop. 

Only cables from the desk are ethernet and one power. I could cut that to just power but I lik weird net. Also I really like the height adjust, I work standing a lot. Super easy to build in. 



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My local transfer station (we called it a dump in my day) has a new "swap shop."  Last night I carefully packed up a humidifier my father bought in the 1990s (I still had the original box) as well as my ca. 2013 3 PCI slot 275W TDP video card, and a Drobo I bought from ...one of you Head-Casers. 

I managed to get my ca. 1996 LaserJet IV+ working with my current MacBook Pro (it's got a network card, so it's just an IP and some Gutenprint.)  After years of buying one shit-tastic inkjet printer after another, I love my dorm-fridge-sized-black-and-white-only-it-works-every-fucking-time-without-fail laser printer.  New ink is like $150, but it lasts half a decade.  Real printers make your lights dim when they power on.

I used said LJ4+ to print out descriptions and basic instructions for the Drobo and the video card, because I knew no one at the dump would have a blinkered clue WTF they were.  The attendant was quite pleased because he didn't know a GPU from an IED.  

Given how well the whole exchange went, I'm going to be divesting myself a lot of more things like it in the next few weeks.  I did consider putting the Drobo and GPU on Craigslist or sodding Facebook marketplace, but given the horror stories I've heard I'd rather just be rid of them than try to extract $50 out of them at the cost of (what's left of) my sanity.

Related: Anyone need FOUR Yamaha NS-1000s speakers?  Late 80s vintage, they have a midrange driver that sells for like $250 bare.

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Good stuff, Dan....dump exchanges seem to be getting more popular....I've heard people talk about several in the past couple months.  Keep forgetting where, though.

As for those NS1000's, throw THOSE on Craigslist I'd say, or maybe on another site like Audio Asylum as local-only.  There indeed should be folks willing to pay for those beryllium drivers....

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