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And now what did you do TODAY?


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29 minutes ago, mwl168 said:

Very glad to know you are doing fine now. 

You got the drug and rock'n roll, only one thing missing ...  

jajajaja I settle for drugs and rock. Right now I don´t want sex ... it hurts too much ? 

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This morning there have been quite a few birds in the yard and especially in the bird bath where they have been splashing around in rain water. A few minutes ago I looked up because I heard a thud on the window and saw several birds streaking by. I went to the front door worried that one had hit the window. There was a little house finch laying on its side that was alive but stunned and maybe injured. Just as I put my hand on the doorknob to check it out, a small hawk -- probably of the short-shinned variety -- swooped down and flew off with the finch in its talons. It was very startling, but I'm assuming the finches had been fleeing the hawk in the first place. #WildKingdom

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Better than the fate of a friend of mine, Paddy Glenny, who emigrated from the UK to start a brewery in Nelson in British Columbia, Canada. Along with his brewing activities he trained as a park ranger. As part of his responsibilities he used to paint ball grislies so that their movements could be tracked. He described this crazy process of getting down wind from this apex predator, and trying to get it with three different colours. After which put live rounds in the chambers in case the bear charged. He also packed a magnum hand gun, again as a back stop.

Next thing he got gored by a juvenile black bear across the buttocks, that crashed into the clearing when he was eating lunch. It also stomped his satellite phone. So he had a very nervous 20 mile hike out leaving a blood trail. He survived that.

At then, somewhat later he just plain disappeared. His remains were never found, the assumption being that a grisly eventually got him, and any remains were finished off by a host of other predators.

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I work in an office in a building where there are also 3 or 4 other companies.  Yesterday, our doorbell rings.  The people who normally answer were out in a group meeting, so I and one other went to the door, to find a flower delivery man.

My colleague is saying that the name doesn't sound familiar as I'm walking up.  But he's newer, and may not know everyone, so I ask the name.  Flower man tells me, and I say, "Hmmmm, not here, but I actually used to work with someone by that name....." [though it was a different spelling for first name].

Anyway, flower man checks one other company on our floor, not there....so I decide to help, and check it out on LinkedIn.  Ah, OK, she works in the company downstairs....and then, I realize it IS my old colleague (and I had the spelling of her first name, Stacey, with no "e" in my mind)!  So I went down to see her, but she was stuck in meetings.  She contacted me online, we'll get together next week....

Haven't worked with her since 2002/2003, and then last saw her maybe 2.5 years ago at a concert during a Summer Folk Festival in Lowell MA.....and I find out she's been working on the floor below me for over a year!

Small fucking world......

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Took Mary and Lance to the airport at 3 am for their flight to Columbus OH. This will be Lance's last Junior Olympics.  It has been a good ride all these years but the next phase of his life is about to begin.   🤨  A season of "last's" tournament wise.  Hopefully this one will bring great memories and a whole lot of fun as national points and standings do not matter at this point.

Glad I have a place here to unload because fencing is stressful...for the parents. Hah!

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