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And now what did you do TODAY?


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Went to go pull out of the driveway this morning, and was greeted by a horrible sensation from my cars front end. One of the tires had gone flat and even unseated itself from the rim. :palm:

I was overdue for new tires anyways, so I have an appointment tomorrow to get them taken care of. Fortunately the donut spare seems fine, so I can make it there without much hassle.

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^^^ Groooooooaaaaaaaannnnnn

Jose: hope things work out OK for you, sorry you even have to go through this (again).

And sorry to hear of your tire woes, Fitz.  I miss having a car with a full-size spare, those donut spares are a PITA.  And no rim damage I hope(?)....

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3 hours ago, jose said:

To forget about all this matter I have caught this....  and the last components of my Bianchi is also at home 😁



In a very Blonde moment, I was trying to figure out where and how this joystick would mount to your Bianchi, and what it might control.

The fantasies are endless.

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3 hours ago, grawk said:

upgraded my hackintosh to i9/9900k with tb3


A slightly de-tuned version of that processor is what is in my 2019 iMac.

Takes everything I've thrown at it without a sweat so far.

Other than the CalDigit dock, I only use tb2 with a Blackmagic Multidock.

I rarely do video work so I don't really need much speed (sata 3 is fine).

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Seems wise to wait. 

Me: Had epic fun mountain biking with some friends yesterday afternoon after bailing on work (was supposed to be off all day but...) with near perfect fall riding conditions - sunshine, 50F, light winds. We got out for a solid two hours of punishment in the local boulder field that has some pretty amazing features, most of which I actually rode.  


Today: will largely be spent watching it rain/snow. It's been raining hard for the last two hours already and is just getting started (allegedly).  The weather people have played their 2020 cards and are claiming we could get between 2 and 12" of snow as it changes over this afternoon. Given that we're still in near-drought conditions it's good to see precipitation of any kind but sucks to go from dried up death to flash flood warnings.  Buckle up buttercup, the year from hell isn't over yet...

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15 hours ago, Augsburger said:

I just finished a snack and now I am going body surfing.

Ah, maybe I will wait


Is body surfing at all similar to regular surfing? I know that the bigger the board, the easier to surf, so just wondering if that translates, 'cause I could be epic!

Oh, and we could absolutely use some Super Brent Osborn videos about now!!!

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