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And now what did you do TODAY?


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Made our way up to Maine, last trip of the year before we close our condo down.  My son and his girlfriend spent over a week up here.  After COVID restrictions at school, and then not co-mingling once they got home, it was a great break for them.  Time together/alone, very little to do.  Was happy they got that time.

Stopped at one of Maine's more famous lighthouses on the way up, Nubble.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!


Nubble 24-Dec-2020.jpg

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Went shopping (ran out of paper towels the night before we are doing a "nacho bar" for Satanmas dinner. No bueno.

Realized I wanted to cook for the first time in months, so I was looking for things to do for breakfast in the morning. Fucking place sold out of biscuits.

I bet Colin went and bought them all; that bastard.

But 3 pounds of meat, 18 eggs, multiple pounds of cheese (for variety, probably) and a bunch of tortillas means some possibly amazing breakfast burritos. Looking forrward to it! (Still, though... dammit, Colin! @ biscuit dearth.)

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9 hours ago, MexicanDragon said:

Fucking place sold out of biscuits.

I bet Colin went and bought them all; that bastard.

Probably for the best on Christmas morning. 😉

At least I now know you weren't responsible for Nashville. 

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21 hours ago, morphsci said:

In order to take my mind off of SARS-COV2 I analyzed 50 years of radiocesium body burdens from over 40000 white-tailed deer from the SRS. It worked.

Due to COVID quarantine I am about finished with my Netflix, HULU, Amazon Video and HBO watch list so I am volunteering to assist you with your research. I am pretty good at counting now.

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Sorry for the oversharing, not looking for sympathy, but stop reading if "Dusty oversharing" might offend you. I started the year by puking my guts out.  I think it was food poisoning, but I didn't eat anything out of the ordinary -- just my usual goulash, black bean noodles, wine.  Earlier I had a turkey, jalapeno, plant-based-cheese, and bread sandwich, with a couple Grillo's Pickles spears -- all things I've had before.  I think it was the wine, but it didn't taste off.  That should speak to how bad my palate is.

So I had some bread, rice noodles and tea yesterday, and I'm feeling ~91% better, going to continue to take it easy today.  Might go out and get some saltines.

And just for the record, I did take my temperature, and did not have a fever, so I doubt it's The Covid.

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