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And now what did you do TODAY?


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2 hours ago, swt61 said:

Not sure what a SoundCloud is, but it sounds kinky. I like it.

SoundCloud is just a social media site that hosts original music for creators.

It lets me upload my music and share it with the player app you see. 

Hosting my music there has the added benefit of creating a reference date for ownership of the music without spending the cash to get a copyright. 

Better than nothing I guess?


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25 minutes ago, Wmcmanus said:

Tennessee must be a coincidence. Doesn't look like our biscuit boy at all...



Heh, reminds me. My mom and uncle were adults, but we were eating Sunday dinner at their parents' house. "Pass me a biscuit" mom lovingly requested of her brother. *Uncle throws biscuit across table to mom* My grandmother: <Stares menacing-and-unapprovingly> Everyone else: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Was great that we were a big baseball/softball family, but, ya know... I'm kinda in the mood for biscuits now.

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1 hour ago, TMoney said:

I just put in an application for a two-bedroom townhome apartment a 5 minute walk from my office. I'm excited to move, and even more excited to be able to walk to work every day. Fingers crossed everything works out!

IMHO the pleasure of commuting to work by walk is well worth any other shortcomings. And there may be a few. Good luck!

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