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And now what did you do TODAY?


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Was talking to my Mom on the phone, when something flew in the front door. I caught it out of my peripheral vision. Assumed it was a big moth, so I kept talking to my Mom. Once I hung up, I went into the bedroom to investigate. Whatever it was, Suzy had it trapped under a nightstand. I flushed it out, to find it was a big ol' scrubjay. Took a little work, but got the poor bird back outside relatively unscathed. 

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8 hours ago, Voltron said:

Currently at our first concert since covid. Wilco outdoors in Napa with proof of vaccination. Feels weird but good.

I recently went to my first concerts since COVID, and had a similar feeling.  Some of the "weird" has already been worn off by a half dozen international flights, but I didn't know how much I missed live music until I went back.  God, this pandemic sucked.

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A live local band while you enjoyed food and drink?

In this case,


Americana from Petaluma, hence the name?

("Petaluma, home of the inventor of the incubator"



Contactless tipping (both from the venues QR code accessed menu, or from the QR code Venmo prompts on stage) may be a side effect of the pandemic, or just the way of the future.

Enjoyable, nevertheless.








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Well we went to the theatre this week - a matinee performance of The Mirror and the Light. This is the last of a trilogy of plays about the life of Thomas Cromwell, based on Hilary Mantel's books.

The play was awesome. But the theatre was packed to the gunnels, no need of proof of vaccination or a negative covid test. So if the national average was present, one in ten was not vaccinated. And since the government has abandoned mandatory mask wearing (as a courtesy to others only), only half the audience were wearing masks.

We found the whole experience very disquieting.

Going to the theatre was very much our thing pre-covid, at least once a month. But the gung-ho attitude of our idiot leader regarding public safety makes us very wary of repeating the experience any time soon.

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Well that was a result. We pay for a landline phone from Virgin Media. We have been paying £27 a month for a long time.

I decided to look at alternatives, and Direct Save Telecom came up with £19.50.

So I phoned Virgin Media, quoted the alternative prices to them - and with zero negotiation the slashed the charges by £10 to £17 a month. And because of where we are in the billing cycle, they will refund £9.60 and only charge us £7.40 for this month.

No idea why I haven't done this years ago!

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Meanwhile, in the UK we have an ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) system for traffic offences. They send you a photograph of the offence to support the fine.

This guy got a fine for driving in a bus lane in Bath. Strange, he thought - I've never driven in Bath:


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If they send you a photo of an offense, sent they a photo of some cash.

Only fair.

They have red light cameras here managed by a private company. Since they are not

really the government and they didn't give them any authority, people just ignore the 

tickets. You'd think if they hired them to this, there would be some kind of legal backing.

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