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And now what did you do TODAY?


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I hope this doesn't come across as callous,  but I'm kind of hoping for quick resolution. He's not coming out of this, at least not with any real chance at a normal, healthy life. I don't want him to suffer. I don't want his wife to suffer, and I don't want my Mom to suffer any longer than need be. I heard in her voice this morning that she understands he won't pull through this.

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He just signed a do not resuscitate order, which is way out of character for my Brother. So that tells me that he's given up. Hopefully he'll just go to sleep and not wake. I really hope it doesn't drag on.

My Mom is really having a rough time. Last week they had a big scare with her husband. Out of nowhere he started having really bad dizzy spells and couldn't stand or walk. Thankfully it turned out to be Vertigo, and he's doing much better now. In the last 4 years, they've done a complete turn around. She was the one that did all the shopping, the laundry and all of those day to day chores. He stayed glued to his computer playing video games. Now she can't do those chores because of COPD and some chronic back pain (still undiagnosed).

Thankfully, he has stepped right into those roles without complaint (something that absolutely flabbergasted me). So I know she was worried what would happen should he not be able to continue that. Then just when that news got brighter, my Brother took another hard dive medically. 

My Mom was that Mother you see on those old 50's TV shows. Everything she did was for her kids. Selfless doesn't even begin to describe her, and to now see her struggling in her later years is just really tough. Life just isn't fair.

OK, I'm done rambling for now. Thanks for being there!

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Just talked to my Mother this morning. 

My Brother is completely unresponsive. He's been this way for over 12 hrs. now. He's still breathing on his own, but basically in a comatose state. Maybe he will pass peacefully.

My Sister in law held her phone to my Brother's ear, so that my Mother could say goodbye. She felt good that she was able to do that. She's holding it together better than I expected at this stage.

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