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Hey Head-Case, what's your bandwidth like?


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100/10 TWC in NYC. Debating if I want to switch to FiOS.



I don't know how it is in NYC, but for me, FiOS has consistently delivered the advertised "up-to" speed, both up and down.  I was very happy when FiOS came to my town so I can get rid of Comcrap.

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I fucking love comcast. My roommate was the only one who watched tv so he had the tv package with the internet. Now that he is leaving and I am getting a new roommate (who just wants internet like me) I called comcast to try to cancel the current package and just go back to the 25 mbit for $20/month. Was just informed that I could pay that amount for a 3 mbit line and that I would be very happy with the connection because it is uncapped...can't even threaten them with the usual I'll go with someone else because they have the monopoly for my community. We don't get services by anyone else. And even if I did get att they aren't much better with charging $55 for 20 mbit. This whole shit blows. Fuck comcast.

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I thought Comcast didn't have caps anymore.

They don't. I just mentioned being below 250gb to say I didn't even get to what they were capping back in the day. 


CJ, I'm surprised that you were getting that kind of speed for $20 per month. That seems incredibly cheap.


My parents pay $55/month for an 8 mbit line (Advanced Cable Company - they buy bandwidth from Comcast) about 40 minutes north of where I live. My gf pays $19.99 for a 50 mbit line (with Comcast) about 70 minutes north of where I live. The zip code you live in allows for companies to jack up the prices because they end up just having to compete with one other company. However, recently things have been getting worse. Last year, one of the companies that services my parents' home purchased the rights to the entire community they live in so they can set the price at whatever they want (I thought this was illegal...). They jacked up the price from $45/month to $55/month. I just got off the phone with ATT to see if they would match the price I was getting with Comcast earlier and I was told that they don't service the apartment community anymore. So it's just comcast now. For the past 3-4 years they have offered the $20/month for 25 mbit but now they only offer the 3 mbit line for $20/month and out of nowhere, the only other option I have is to get satellite? Doesn't seem like a coincidence to me. There doesn't seem to be any standard to their pricing across the county even. 

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Looks like comcast has reset / upgraded their local system - like they were threatening to.

Noticed it when Radio Paradise just stopped tonight, and went through the whole turning it off and on again shenanigans (including using google DNS for a while).







Speedtest.net is misbehaving, and the San Jose comcast server is saying starting test in 18500 seconds ...

So take the above ( esp ping) with a pinch of salt. See if things have changed in the morning

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