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Question: Most Revealing Cans?


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The Lambdas (any of them really) are very good but they have always been more about generating a speaker like soundstage rather than absolute transparency. There is also some mild bass boom (though the new ones are much better here) while the SR-X is pretty much at a Grado level for soundstage but don't sound like poo (bar the HP-1000 though)... :D

The KGSSHV is still in prototype phase but you can get the board files to have some made. The amp does work just fine and it is a screaming bargain given how advanced it is.

First you don't like the SR-202 (probably the only one) and now the 4070? You need moar booze... ;)

I actually did best on that online distortion listening test dealie with the normal bias lambdas. Weird, eh?

Haven't heard LNS... :sadcat:


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Besides the fussy fit, filter hassles, and being relatively fragile, I agree my ER4's are probably the most accurate of what I own. I also wasn't trying to write off the AKG's. I'd love to hear them sometime.

Lot's to think about. I'm going to do some experiments with the Denons and Etys and see how that goes. I'll see how I score blind with Foobar ABX and some test files with slight differences and let everyone know what I find out--at least with my ears and choice in music.

If I get my hands on any of the others mentioned, I can repeat the same ABX trial and get a good idea if they're really any more revealing that what I have. Out of everything mentioned, the Stax probably hold the most appeal. I love a big soundstage, I remember liking the old ones I heard, and they're probably the most different from what I already have. So they might make a fun addition.

Unlike speakers, which can take up lots of space, it's harder to have too many headphones, right? ;)

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Just to confuse things more for the OP, here's my assessment in terms of resolution:

I found the HD800s to be equal to the K1000s, unless you consider sub bass. Since the K1000s don't have any, the HD800s win.

I found the JH13s to exceed the K1000s across the spectrum.

And I find the LDC-2s are noticeably better than the JH13s.

When I talk about detail, I'm referring to both the depiction of textural clarity and the ability to parse out single sounds in complex passages.

I don't know why my impressions of the LCD-2s differ so much from those of others on this site. They smear uber dens mixes less than anything else I've heard. After reading this thread, I'd love to have another go with the HD800s though. Maybe I just didn't hear them right before.

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