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JH Audio M line

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Cycle World magazine has a review of JH Audio JH-5Ms in its latest issue (June 2011, pg 100). CW loved the sound quality at low to mid- speeds, but felt that wind noise overpowered the iems at high speeds. They also said that the JH-5M didn't block sound as well as ear plugs. I thought it quite fair from the viewpoint of being used while motorcycling.

Then I noticed that they referenced www.hearingdynamics.net as the source of the JH-5Ms.

It seems that Jerry and Beth Orliss have built a partnership to produce and sell a custom JHA iem for motorcycling and other sporting applications. I don't see many people spending $500 for this application, especially after the review in Cycle World, but it will be interesting to see.

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At least they said the JH-5M's "produce far and away the best sound of any IEM's we've tested." - even if it doesn't block/drown out enough wind noise at speed. That by iteslf may sell a few pairs.

I just went on a 3-day, 1000-mile ride with the guys last weekend, and I'm about to give the iPod another try on the bike, at least for the longer highway stints between twisty bits. I'll probably just use some cheap earbuds, though, for reasons they mention - getting the helmet on & off with anything that isn't completely inside my ears (like foam earplugs) is a potentially expensive PITA.

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