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Pink Floyd remastered again

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It is a shame that the labels keep neglecting the Syd Barrett albums. Oh well at least we got a proper mono CD of Piper.

Syd didn't even know about those albums! Or I should say, he sort of knew, but sort of didn't... it was a little fuzzy to him, which is what makes those albums so durned interestin'

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Christ, almost $600 for the "Uber" edition?

"That Steven Wilson has NOTHING on us..."

Out of curiosity, how much of this is the band's decision, and how much of this is the label? I imagine a band as large as U2 would have at least some say in these things.

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I haven't followed the re-release of recent years so I literally jumped of my seat when I listened to The Wall (from the discovery box) tonight, after a 10+ year hiatus. Between the remaster and the upgrade in my listening system, I'd say I was rather pleasantly surprised by the sound. It's simply awesome sounding through the 009!

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I'm a bit cautious when getting modern remasters of classic records. Most of the time they end up being louder and with a narrow dynamic range. Maybe I'm wrong. I sure hope so.

Incidentally, I was checking this while listening to the wall and while most of my rock albums don't often exceed 25dB of dynamics range, there are plenty of moments on this one in the -40 to -60dB range. I no longer have the original CD version to compare, but I doubt very much any dynamic compression was applied to this remaster, it actually very much sounds like an "old school" mastering job with plenty of dynamics. Having said that, it is maximizing redbook dynamic range with peak levels near 0dB.

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