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And so it continues ...


At Tapatalk, we would like to thank you for your loyalty as users of HD and Pro. Moving forward, we are sunsetting both these versions. The Free app is on a continuous development cycle--

HD and Pro are no longer actively supported. More Information.

What about ads?!

Don't worry: most of you are already VIP, which means you will not see ads on Tapatalk. And the VIP status applies to the free app! If you think you need to add VIP, just head here for information on how to update your status. Please act by July 1st if you choose to do so.

Thanks again, and we’re excited to show you what’s coming! Here’s a peek of our new Customized Forum Home:


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I am a VIP on the free app, so speech to text, and attach pics on android without crashing post-545-14326968115458_thumb.jpg (unlike Tapatalk pro after android 5.0)

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Tapatalk has been updated again after the forum software update I did last night.  Should be working again, but apparently Tapatalk has lots of ads now.  I can get rid of the ads by paying them a monthly fee, probably going to just remove Tapatalk altogether in the near future.

The mobile theme(s) are much better than they used to be, makes Tapatalk a bit redundant.

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