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Mourning my mother


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I am incredibly sad to say that the MOTDOTU passed on this Wednesday, even though I am certain it was to a better place. After fighting to stay with us for the last four months, and really the last five years, my mother died peacefully with her husband, all six children, her beloved sister and brother in law, ten grandchildren, two daughters in law, and one niece by her side. Remarkably, I had just returned from Germany, a brother had just gotten back from Hawaii, my Minnesota sister was flying in by chance that day, my globe-trotting CEO brother was a day from leaving for NYC, and my LA brother was able to fly up on short notice when our mother was taken to the ER Tuesday morning. Despite a good run of improvement and a couple of great days, she must have known this was the right time for her. That doesn't mean she went easily because she continued to fight up until her last couple of hours when she was calm and serene and ultimately passed very peacefully. We all felt blessed by the fact that we could be with her and that she was lucid and aware much of the time.

This community has been very supportive in general and while my mother has lost her health and I figured out how to lose my wonderful mom. The short and long obituaries that appeared in today's papers are linked below if anyone is interested in hearing a relatively quick take on a wonderful life. If you are so inclined, please raise a glass in honor of Catherine Corrinne Reid Bedecarre. She was a hell of a gal, and you can toast her with whatever you like to drink, but her choice was a Manhattan and we have had quite a few these last few days. Cheers Mom and thank you for everything.

Short obituary in SF Chronicle

Long obituary in SJ Mercury News

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Before I even read the obit, I noticed that you had her 'million dollar smile'! I'm sorry for your loss, but happy for a long and full life, including a Giants championship, many life achievements,a great life philosophy, and for the fact that she held on long enough for all of you to be with her during her transition to whatever comes next. This world will miss her!

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How wonderful that she was surrounded at the end by those she loved and who loved her. I am truly sorry for the loss of your mother. The links to the obits was a nice touch. They give a glimpse of a life that was lived well. Wishing you and your family peace.

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I'll add my sympathies to the pile, Voltron. I can't imagine how hard it must be to lose your mother, especially one as great as yours. Interestingly enough my grandmother passed away while I was in Germany after a long battle with cancer, so I was unable to see her in her final hours. I'm glad that you and your family were able to be with her, I can't think of a better way to go.

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