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Rio de Janeiro mini meet 09/06

Leonardo Drummond

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Hey everyone,

As the title implies, we just had a small meet here in Rio lastSaturday, and although I didn’t think it would be very successful at first, wemanaged to gather some great people (only two are members here, though, HugoFreire and mario_fpolis) and fantastic setups.

We had a few problems with the setups – the outlets werechurning out 130V and, understandably, Hugo’s Power Plant Premier didn’t seemto like it, and ended up blowing his Aristaeus’s fuzes. So we used the eXStatAto power the HE90 (heresy!) but, to my surprise – and to Hugo’s –, it did a very respectable job. Also, my ECD-1decided not to be a DAC anymore (got it fixed already though), and we had touse Hugo’s EMM Labs CD player and Benchmark DAC1 Pre as sources for mostheadphones. Anyways, I won’t talk much about the whole systems so that I can bebrief(er), but if anyone is interested, just ask and I’ll be happy to explainhow the setups were and also to give my impressions about what I’ve heard smile.gif

Here’s a list of what was there, since there are many thingswhich don’t appear in the photos. By the way, I didn't take any of them. So all credits to Rodrigo Pita, Mario Lemos, Hugo Freire, Rafael Paulucci and Luiz Octavio Chaves!

Headphones: Orpheus, OII, K1000, HD800, D5000, SR225i, DT770Pro, SR-303, SR-202, Shure SRH840, HD650.

IEMs: JH13Pro, JH5Pro Demo, Triple.fi, Audio Technica CKS50.

Amplifiers: Aristaeus, eXStatA SS, Little Dot MKVI, MKIIIand I+, Alo RX.

Sources: Meitner EMM Labs CD player, Electrocompaniet ECD-1,Benchmark DAC1 USB, Marantz BD7004, Hifiman HM601, Sansa Clip+, iPod Classic.

To the pictures!









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Leo is a humble man, since all the credit for the meet is entirely his.

Woops, Hugo too, once the star of the show was his, and his kindness to share a precious/fantastic setup.

Putting in mind that there are NOT a bunch of Orpheus wandering around this world, I guess it was a tremendous meet. And it was only icing the cake, ´cause we also had K1K, mine HD800, D5000 and a lot of fantastic people wanting to listen and share experiences.

So, guys, there is intelligent life under Equador.

BTW, this is my new avatar, and can anyone blame me for this?


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Thanks guys!! I'm really glad you liked it! We sure had a good time, it was fantastic to gather all those amazing equipments in one place and, most of all, to listen to the Orpheus.

And Mario, you have a fantastic new avatar hahahaha! I think it's only logical to have it after hearing such a thing!

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Thanks for opening this thread, Leo! Good job! ;)

I couldn't even dream of a meet like this in Brazil a few years ago. Audiophiles over here have got deeper and deeper into the headphone world and our hobby has expanded like it never did before. It's a great pleasure for me to watch all of this happening. Moreover, I'm really happy to meet the friends - and I mean REAL friends - who I can share my passion to headphones with.

I hope this has been the first of MANY great meets to come. We will certainly have better and better gear and experience to share! :D

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I instantly recognized your rig without reading the OP to learn that you had attended :).

lol that's funny! I do associate the members with their gears too :lol:

I'm the guy on the dark blue t-shirt, standing and taking pics with a cell phone in one of the last photos.

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