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Happy Birthdays Wayne (Wmcmanus) and Ironbut!


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Happy Birthday to Santa Wayne. I'll drink and watch you and Nums trade insults across a patio table at Mayberry any time. And you have an Atom. You are my hero.

Happy Birthday Steve, keeper of The Tapes, and fellow F1 fan who appreciates the old school. I'll toast you and Jimmy Clark and Graham Hill and Gilles Villeneuve tonight. Rock on!

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OMG,.. I have the same B day as Santa?

Thanks to all and a happy birthday to you Wayne!

That is pretty cool, Steve. We'll have to drink disgustingly to it the next time we meet up somewhere in Headphone Land. I had a great day and hope you did too.

The real highlight for me this year was being glued to my laptop screen trying to watch 4 fate-deciding baseball games at the same time on mlb.com. What an amazing final day of the regular season! The Tampa Bay comeback win in extra innings and it such dramatic style that ended just a few minutes after the Boston loss! The Atlanta loss coupled with the St. Louis win! None of it could have been scripted any better, and each one of these 4 games turned out just the way I wanted them to. Nothing against either Boston or Atlanta, but I'm always cheering for underdogs who have made up a lot of ground in short order, and am not a big fan of teams that choke. So I was quite buzzed, just watching all of that unfold.

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