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Objective2 (O2) amp


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Could be. The skeptic in me only sees this as a next step to show how inferior all the commercial amps are an then voila, I have this clearly superior alternative at a low, low price...

You're not sceptic, you're a cynic wink.png

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My O2 came in a few days ago. At first I was concerned about build-quality since the attenuator came off the first time I touched it. It went back on with a little effort and an allen wrench. I got around to listening to it yesterday and was surprised - it may be one of those "good for the money" deals. I haven't really listened enough to comment on the merits of the amp design or sound quality, but my initial impression was positive. I was feeling good about it until about an hour ago when the thing crapped out on me. The right channel produced nothing but static. I have confirmed that it is definitely the amp. I guess we'll get to see what customer service is like.

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