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Teflon Stax connector group buy/purchasing

kevin gilmore

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The connectors have the same measures as the design that Dr. Gilmore published

I prepared and checked the connectors few days ago


But I could not send the connectors up today because I was sick. Connectors sent to deepak, vvs-75, jantze, Flyingsparks, eggil, wink, cobra_kai, JoaMat, ironbut, JensH, Jazzbass, cetoole and Emooze.

My friend told me he wants to do the rest of connectors this week.

-- o --


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I got my connectors a few days back and I can agree with the others,..

They're k-k-killer!

Thanks a million to all those involved and especially to Rodrigo who made sure that everything was exactly right with these beauties!

I own you one PIC!

BTW I was able to use a 17mm Dewalt bimetal hole saw and due to it's 'inexact" cutting characteristics, the 18mm connector fit perfectly! (after deburring and tiddying up the hole)

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Thanks to the kind and prompt response from Deepak and PICaudio. I already had two sets shipped. (Wow, that was fast! Thanks, Deepak!)

I was late for this for my coming KGSSHV build. (was building Lighter Note attenuator and preamps for my Aleph3) Will someone have extra teflon jack, pins, and PCBs for the jack to share? I would like to get two sets if possible.


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