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What are you Grilling now?

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Put on my fairy wings this morning.   

Having an infrared side burner on the grill is pretty fucking awesome. Thanks for the tip Marc. Indirect heat @225F for 30 minutes and then a 30 second sear per side on the infrared burner.

Smoked chuck roast. Much better than I expected. And a great excuse to use plenty of horseradish cream sauce.

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Crack & Cheese paired very nicely with Makers Mark.  No left overs.  Difficult to compete with Yak and Alpaca :)

My first ever brisket, a flat.  Good bark, nice smoke ring, bursting with flavor, pulled apart perfectly but was a bit dry.  Most likely the meat.

I haven't grilled since we switched from charcoal to propane.  Back at it with the pellet pooper.  I'm having fun and some success.  

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4 hours ago, swt61 said:

Sadly, many of my conversations now start exactly like this. :(

I kinda figured you'd have a comment on my comment. 

Hey grillers, a Kroger in my area had the Char Broil Akorn Komado on sale for about two hundred bucks.  They had several, so I think it's worth checking out in your own area, if you have Kroger stores.  It's not a Green Egg, of course, and you probably want to use some high temp silicone sealant or furnace cement around the gaps, but once fixed, that's a damned cheap price for a good grill. 

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4 hours ago, n_maher said:

I don't, but you have to start somewhere.  Besides, the "Texas Crutch" isn't the end of the world.  


Substitute a bald, bearded helicopter pilot with fairy wings and you'll know what you've done today.

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It was pretty good, but not perfect.  

Oddity #1 - the thicker part of the brisket was the least tender.  Not sure what is going on there.  Possibly just a function of being the flat as opposed to the point.   

Observation #1 - I used too much rub.  Not a problematic amount, but more than needed.  Otherwise the flavor and smoke were very good so at least I got that part right.  Also need to work on my trimming skills.  The fat cap I left was a bit on the thick side as it remained on a majority of the pieces but was easily trimmed.  

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