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What are you Grilling now?

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On 12/24/2020 at 7:28 PM, luvdunhill said:

Nate, what do you use in the tray? I haven’t had much luck with pellets staying lit in mine (nuking them in the microwave helps, but not much overall smoke volume) and wanted to see what you happened to be using.

I'm back at it and figured I'd try to show you what I do.

The "snake" is about 2/3's full of standard pellets (no prep) and then topped with mesquite chips.  I took out the trusty torch and lit the chip/pellet mix for about 30-45 seconds until an open flame persisted.


Then I simply blew out the flame which left a nice slow-burning smolder. 


I find that one leg of the snake burning like this will last for ~3 hours which is plenty.  


About an hour and a half in and things are coming along nicely projecting for a late dinner after kids finish basketball practice.


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Greg gifted us a beautiful, original, one of a kind knife for BBQ and other meat related duties. These pics don't do it justice but I'll try again in the daylight. Thank you for your thoughtless and kudos on your artistry! The Meat Machete Rulez!




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