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  1. so i looked at the technics SPs...are there any others that are more simple (just platters) and reasonably priced? what are the "denon drop ins"? do they sell them without the plinths somewhere?
  2. ok...so where do i begin my research on components? who sells individual components? and what's on the list? motor, arm, platter & bearing, and switches...does that cover it? what are the main things i need to consider? does my taste in music determine any components i should get other than the cart? i listen to old jazz, dixieland and string band music...almost all older stuff. and i would need 33 and 78 speeds.
  3. pretty pricey..any cheaper alternatives? i'm thinking about getting a decent cheap tt and building it into an old wooden box and veneering the top...just for aesthetics. wonder what's a good cheap table?
  4. after looking at swt61's thread on his custom TT i've decided that's my next project. i'm a begginer audiophile with woodworking experience. what components do i need to make a turntable? how much will it cost for a decent/beginner TT build and how much will an even more decent one cost? what are some options? is it just motor, bearing and platter, and arm that i need? i've got wood. andreu
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