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  3. Tried to mount a slide out tray with simple drawer slide on one side but not really stable enough.
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  5. Sylvester Stallone is of Italian and Ukrainian descent and Arnold Schwarzenegger has already asked Putin to stop. We have enough aging action heroes. Can we ask Zelenskyy to target HIMARS on Seagal specifically, you know for a world-wide morale boost?
  6. Maybe they'll use his ponytail to dust off the peace treaty?
  7. Cleaned out about 20lbs of dust from the filter on the DC for the CNC. I guess I need to spin around the filter basher handle a lot more.
  8. Steven Seagal appears in Ukraine, serving as a Russian spokesperson. 🤡
  9. Some recent reads: This was really great. Strahan is a Top Notch anthologist. Not as good as Station 11 but still pretty dang good. This one grabbed me. Couldn't put it down. Quick read, absolutely loved it. Really great Sci-Fi/Horror that reminded me of Harlan Ellison's I have No Mouth and I Must Scream. After reading this and the Children of Time duology I have become a big fan of Tchaikovsky. Current reads: I also stumbled upon an audiobook version of all 12 issues from Asimov's Science Fiction from 2014. Pretty cool.
  10. The first mini rock opera. During the whole melee, John Entwhistle just stands still and plays the bass until he does the last verse in falsetto. If you haven't watched The Kids Are Alright, you should. Many more examples of Moon Madness and all the rest. Great interview breaks, including Keith and Ringo both totally lit. I've posted it before, but this is me and my Whomobile about a year after watching The Kids Are Alright when it first came out and months after my first Who concert where I spray painted the logo in the Oakland Arena parking lot.
  11. Try a ratio of 1:2.4 with that machine and see what you think...
  12. Took me a little minute to realize the Breville portafilters almost but don’t quite work with standard baskets. I had returned the Normcore portafilter I had bought because I thought the machine wasn’t going to arrive (I had in fact already gotten a refund; the Breville showed up the next day of course) so I’ve reordered (along with the Normcore shot mirror). The stock basket is pretty small, so I either have to coarsen way up for my normal sorts of doses, or dose down. I’ve chosen to dose down. 14g:30g in about 30. Made for a great latte. Milk texture is just an absolute snap with this machine. I’ll lower it a little, when I do the slayer mod, but OPV is set spot on 9, which is nice.
  13. No wonder the Stones felt like The Who upstaged them during the filming of Rock and Roll Circus. They sure as hell did! Moon’s energy back there on the drum kit is wild.
  14. No-wait Deck Porky Goodness* *pork loin with home made apple "sauce", sweet potatoes, peas and broccoli
  15. Exposing Muybridge trailer https://vimeo.com/695914964
  16. I, too, was entranced by a picture of a jazz pianist, but in my case, the picture looked like Connie Han: https://tidal.com/browse/playlist/f02f7017-d981-424a-a85f-082b69694d2b She's no Hiromi, but she's perfect for homework, which is what I'm doing right now.
  17. Not god awful for the first drink made with the new machine (a decaf). The steam on this is pretty crazy compared to the Bellman.
  18. Bumping this a bit, now that I have a RAAL SR1a set....does this project have life still? Curious minds are curious....
  19. I hope you are using the shop for these builds. Cool stuff.
  20. Just took delivery of the last two doors for the house. One is a regular interior door, shaker style. The other was believed to be a set of bi-fold doors for the linen closet. The closet has already been trimmed out and I already hung a track for bi-fold doors (on the plans). Instead the delivery driver showed up with a giant set of French doors. The linen closet is in a narrow hallway. Thinking the order was wrong I called our man that orders and tracks these things, only to hear that he changed the doors to French doors. I'd heard Noth about French doors, and to install them now means ripping out trim for three doors connected by a long piece of header trim. Cutting out drywall and some framing to make them fit, and lastly removing and cutting back all the shelving I've already built and installed in the linen closet. All of which was gone over with the two owners of my company. When one of the owners showed up to see the progress today ( my main boss), I was happy to find out he was just as surprised. He, like myself said that French doors were way to awkward in such a small hallway. We don't know when or why they got changed. What we do know is the waiting for bi-fold doors will be at least two more months. I suggested I build doors to match the other doors, and continue with the bi-fold plan. The boss agreed that would be not only faster than ripping everything out to make the French doors work, but they just make so much more sense in a small space. Looks like I'm building doors. My boss said "I remember when you built three windows, when I forgot to order them. Now you're building doors like it's just another day at work". He likes that I don't shy away from any project. What I didn't tell him is that it's really not a difficult tasks. Let him think I'm a hero!
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