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  2. After years of only Headphone listening, I'm finally jumping on the speaker party. Coming from the headphone hi.end I must say it has been pretty disappointing on the performance side with speakers..Most need to get the volume up to lvls where it gets shouty or annoying to get some kinda engaging sound and most just sound thin.. specially if music is not perfect jazz records, some get crazy details but again, music is nowhere engaging. Enter the Zu's, I heard the Zu Omen Dirty Weekend II on the dealer(have never heard of them) and loved the sound, totally different from most known b
  3. swt61

    The Wire

    Damn! Season 3 has the "big man", Clarence Clemons.
  4. I listened to Dune this year and enjoyed it thoroughly. The sequel, no thank you. It was a total struggle and it'll be the last of the series that I bother with. In other news I (unsurprisingly) took @en480c4's recommendation and have now listened to Gideon the Ninth and Harrow the Ninth. The former is effing fantastic. The second was more difficult, for reasons I will not divulge (spoiler) but finished incredibly well and has me looking forward to the final book in the trilogy to see where the story goes. The audio books are highly recommended, the narration and narrator are brill
  5. Does anyone know which of the two variants of the SR-009 is newest? One has black lettering on the wooden box, the other has golden lettering. I'm under the impression the black-letters variant is older but I'm not sure. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. One hundred precent, Tyler. I am in total agreement. That is part of why I have zero interest in Herbert's sequels. He caught lighting in a bottle once, but trying to stretch it out beyond the one book has no appeal to me.
  7. I just went a whole other direction. Geekria https://www.amazon.com/Geekria-Replacement-Headphones-Cushion-Earpads/dp/B0155XZJ4I/ref=pd_vtp_5?pd_rd_w=62Llr&pf_rd_p=55cbb45e-2534-4809-9135-12f41eecb852&pf_rd_r=E0HPYACKSKQG6Z9EQM6Y&pd_rd_r=559c451c-a963-4406-ba1a-16cd3f9d0ed2&pd_rd_wg=yWvLh&pd_rd_i=B0155XZJ4I&psc=1 They are still bowls, but very shallow bowls. And softer foam . For the price, if they don't last I won't be too upset.
  8. Just in case anyone needs this for future reference, I've posted the tracings of the 0.4 and 0.5 offboards. The difference is shown near the purple dot. The front side of the boards are identical to me. Also, there's no need to cross the diodes or the 50K resistors on the 0.5. This means there's no need to flip the 0+ and O- as well.
  9. Not related to Lloyd Cole, but re: the shifting music income model I found this NYT piece illuminating: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/10/arts/music/hyperpop-spotify.html TL;DR A lot of burgeoning hyperpop artists are destitute teenagers and Spotify's inclusion of their home-produced music on the very influential Hyperpop Playlist represents an unbelievable windfall for them. When their music falls off the top of the playlist they scramble to do whatever they can to stay relevant and keep the tap open.
  10. I listen to a lot of klezmer music, would you classify that as ghetto type?
  11. Pioneering South African AIDS researcher Joseph Sonnabend dies at 88 https://www.losangelesblade.com/2021/01/24/pioneering-south-african-aids-researcher-joseph-sonnabend-dies-at-88/
  12. I read it for the first time a few months ago, and I found it very similar to you. It was really well-paced, I felt propelled from one plotline to the next, my unhappiness at leaving one storyline outweighed always a little by excitement to revisit another. It's really a great story, laid out well. The discussions about reading order and canon are impenetrable and detract from the experience somewhat, but what can you do? I highlighted the above because I think the sort of Arab fetishism the writing about the Fremen exhibits did not age the same way the rest of the book did. Obviously
  13. The song "Not" by Big Thief is a classic earworm with a tremendous delivery. It's on a later album, Two Hands, if you've not yet branched out. Great album, but you have to fight that impulse.
  14. Absolutely wonderful. This is a great complimentary read to those who have watched the show, or a wonderful journey for those who have not seen it yet. I'm really impressed by Tevis as a writer. Ender's Game is one of those books you give to precocious young people who might feel ashamed of being smart. Maybe it is time to re-think that default option and give them this classic instead. Best compliment I can give the book is I read it in a single day. It hooks you and won't let you go.
  15. Welcome to the club, we serve alcohol.
  16. Ugh I’m entering the old dad phase of my listening habits nowadays
  17. Man, Adult. brings me back to the early 00s and dawn of SoulSeek. I totally missed 2000's Nausea, but I was there for Resuscitation and Anxiety Always. The latter was a big enough release that we got some promo material at WAMH (it's worth noting that I was also heavily involved with WAMH in the early 2000s.) Initially I didn't like Anxiety Always at all, especially after how much I enjoyed Resuscitation. I should revisit it as it's been more than 15 years since I gave it a proper listen.
  18. Clearly you are a douchebag who does not know the meaning of the word opinion. What you initially posted was an opinion, and in fact not one backed up by any real objective data. So please, just go away. We really do not care about your opinion. Also, all headphones are flawed, just like your supposed use of logic above.
  19. I thought this coda was quite interesting on how the musical income model is changing.
  20. That letter and the saturation current it signifies are not related to gain, either. One thing you're spot on is that in that particular place on KSA-5 clone schematic, the letter does not matter. In fact, JFETs can be replaced there with a pair of BJTs with a benefit.
  21. No idea if this is of interest here but I support Lloyd Cole on Patreon because he's one of my favorite artists and he recently posted this about his home setup. (Think we used to have a Home Studio Porn thread but not sure if it survived the great Reks nuking?)
  22. Grahame

    The Wire

    Joanne and I finally watched the entire 16:9 run thanks to HBO. Plenty of Brits in the cast, trapped in "The Game" and the system. As I may have mentioned, Charlie "Black Mirror" Brooker was a big fan. "A searing work of bloody genius, yeah"
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