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  2. CFAe runs hot, VERY hot. I would prefer a "normal" heatsink...
  3. Thanks. Although the GRLV is very clean and stable, for preamps I prefer to use R-cores and easier to place in a single chassis since they do not electromagnetically interfere (or very little) with anything. It´s optional so you can perfectly use a toroid Now that I've seen the preview, it's been a little over a year since Dr. Gilmore sent me a design for a new buffer based on the CFA architecture. At the moment I have not been able to put it into operation. If confinement and anti-virus measures allow it this year I could have it ready.
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  5. Since you're on the audio slippery track there are no ways to turn off. Yes, you can use bc850c/bc860c or even cheap as dirt 2n3904/2n3906 on the input stage and obtain similar **measurable** performance. But JFET input stage sounds better. It's like to changing Samwha capacitors to a purebred Elna Silmic. Really we don't understand what to measure to obtain sonic-correlated ruler/scale.
  6. Booze in crust is a good thing. Claire uses vodka in her pie crust
  7. Smoked Mac and cheese with a side of brats
  8. That's probably for the better, given how fowl-mouthed he is.
  9. Unrelated. But is the REF02 still relevant these days? Need 5V reference and curious in which case it might be a better choice compared to say the LT1021 or something new you folks are using these days.
  10. RIP Bunny Wailer....last of the original band.... 😪 https://www.cbsnews.com/news/bunny-wailer-died-wailers-original-member-dead-age-73-cause-of-death-stroke-complications/
  11. Your neighborhood is really going to the birds. Your neighbor seems like a real turkey.
  12. So you are using the R-core transformer for the preamp? Very nice indeed!
  13. Had a nice conversation with a neighbor. He's a bit hard to understand, but more than willing to sit and chat with me. He hung around telling me all about his day for better than 15 minutes.
  14. Indeed the 621-KBP201G is available, just ordered a bunch, thanks.
  15. I made the shortcrust with Calvados instead of water which turns out to be a very good thing to do.
  16. I want to put that galette down my gullet.
  17. This looks like a very nice case for a dual chassis design for the static CFA3. PSU chassis: mount the kgsshvpssicfetsinglenewrightsws and kgsshvpssicfetsinglenewleftsws GRHV boards on the sinks together with goldenreference6d GRLV in the middle/front and a transformer in the middle/back. Might be even room for two GRLV and two transformers for total symmetry. Amp chassis: two balanced CFA3 boards mounted on the sinks. Will be pretty empty in the middle. The internal hight of 73mm might get tight but probably enough to fit the 63.5mm wide balanced boards; or mount them horizontally
  18. Thanks guys! That was a fine day that started with a Zoom with the kids (well, 32 and 35!), and finished with an excellent steak dinner. And now - time for bed said Zebedee.
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  20. Apple galettes and a Sicilian style pizza that tastes better than it looks
  21. Happy birthday, dear Craig! Cheers!
  22. Now THOSE are true Earspeakers!
  23. Happy birthday. Hope you're having a good one! Cheers!
  24. Yes, not cheap, but considering it is a matched quad, approx. [email protected] And generally unobtanium. The diyaudio store charges $39 for a similar matched quad of the Linear Systems devices (2 N, 2 P).
  25. Yes, this seller sells genuine sand. Highly recommended
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