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  2. Farmer Wants a Wife, the American version (Hulu). "Real stories" between "big city" "girls" and "real, authentic" "farmers" (cowboys, close enough) "trying" to "find" "true love." Hope I got all those quotation marks correct. You know how geographically hodge-podgy all this is up front when they introduce Oklahoma with John Denver and "Almost heaven, West Virginia" (see cowboys). Yet, unless I'm getting way too soft, you still kinda feel sympathy for all the participants (except the host and I'm sure evil producers).
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  4. Back at the east coast ping pong table, making engineer of the year plaques for work.
  5. I wouldn’t trust anyone from Arkansas.
  6. 22 Years Selina Moon 2022 https://album.link/i/1601909384 Example: I saw Selina on a Tiny Desk recently. I thought the music was nice and very pretty voice. So, I checked out her 2022 release. Just a 30 minute album, but a nice set. The example is one of the highlights. I will follow to see what she does going forward.
  7. If you want to try HF, I have not had any issues with the Bremen parallel clamps from them. They are around $35 I think You can also watch for the Lowe’s sale for the 24” cabinet masters for $28 which I think is a steal as they are quite good.
  8. I'm looking for some light duty parallel clamps. Probably about 24". Does anyone have a suggestion for something that you either particularly like or dislike? I'm looking at the bessey UK3.024 unless I can find a better and less expensive option.
  9. They are identical in every way, just the color of the housing and the embossed logo in the headband differentiate them. Stax serial numbers are a complete bust, you can have a very early set with almost the same serial number as nearly new one.
  10. Can anyone remind me what the difference between the all-black 007MK2 and the 007A are- build-wise or sonically? I remember reading that some of the parts aren't swappable but I'm not really sure what there could be that would be incompatible. Is there an S/N range that guarantees you're getting a specific revision of the headphones?
  11. That's awesome! Congrats and may your tires and brakes last long... Sam
  12. That's a winner, Nate! Perfect edges and nicely browned.
  13. This person builds some crazy stuff: EL TALLER pino (@eltallerpino) • Instagram photos and videos
  14. Same thing kind of happened to a mate of mine. Lifelong skier, really skilled. Skiing in Austria with his adult daughter, he was descending at speed off-piste, a ski hit a rock and pitched him downslope into a tree. He was wearing a helmet, but clobbering a tree with your head at 30mph is not going to end well. Helicoptered off the hill, he ended up in the neurology ward for quite a long time. He's kind of recovered five or six years on, but still has some problems in concentrating. Which is tough for a serial entrepreneur. He was CEO of his latest company before the accident. Nothing like as bad as Michael Schumacher's skiing accident which reduced him to being a pale shadow of his former self, wheelchair bound and with difficulty in communicating. He apparently manages to watch F1 on the television and understand what he's seeing. Or Fabio Casertelli in the 1995 Tour de France, who lost control while descending the col de Portet d'Aspet at speed (usually 50mph plus), and his head hit a concrete bollard at the side of the road. Dead at the scene. Not wearing a helmet, which was not necessary on mountain stages at that time.
  15. I'm two episodes away to finish the first season of Tehran Some things are good, others are rather poorly resolved. Entertaining so far.
  16. There's a very cute movie, She's Having A Baby; very clever IMO and I enjoyed both Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth McGovern in it. Kate's song This Woman's Work is very wonderfully placed in that movie. EDIT: the whole soundtrack is actually quite good.
  17. Congrats TMoney. I'm enjoying the updates on your journey.
  18. My goal for my first timed autocross with the Porsche Club was to be faster than at least one 911. I really wanted to send someone home in their sports car knowing they got beat by a practical family four-door. I felt like I could go quite a bit quicker, but mission accomplished. Only car I’m sad I wasn’t faster than was the Dodge Challenger. The rest of them I had no chance of beating if they were driven competently. This is a very fun hobby other than the long drives to and from the remote locations where they host these things. Doing another one in two weeks.
  19. I'll try to make sense of your equation(s) later, but thanks! I went and ohmed out all resistors on board between the two and everything matches. I then violated my own rule of no HV when drinking, and measured the V drop across the 100R resistors in series with the PZTA42s emitters and they were all roughly the same (1.69-1.73V) between the good and bad board, which from ~17.5mA on the CCS seems to make sense. I guess my next step is to measure the GDS or BCE voltages to ground on the 10M90s, DN2540s, but more importantly, the C2Ms and the PZTA42s. I'm also going to replace the 2 150K resistors since I did this quickly and am not satisfied cosmetically with them. The 2 on the good board look fine. If a DN2540 was leaky, wouldn't it just affect that side and not both? I do have a spare pair of these, but no 10M90s. I do have more C2Ms though. If I hadn't checked the PZTA Vce, I would have never guessed that something might be wrong, since everything adjusted correctly. No indication whatsoever.
  20. Next time I need to oxygenate a goldfish bowl, I'll remember Red Oak.
  21. Last week
  22. I am definitely a fan of White Oak, especially quarter sawn. Red Oak, not so much.
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