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  2. Bogart in 1946. Cigarette in hand, the effect of which plus booze saw him off at age 57 And Hepburn in 1941 aged 34. She lived to the ripe old age of 96.
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  4. Trying to work out a deal on this, that will actually get me to Texas for mom’s B-Day just in time for it to arrive at the dealer which is about an hour from their house.
  5. LOL...that's one way of cutting it. HS
  6. PM me. have both bare and assembled boards.
  7. Went and test drove a back-up option if I cannot find a nicer F-150.
  8. That sucks! I am Houston based. If there is something I can be of assistance with just let me know. This chip thing is out of control. HS
  9. looking for set of Kerry's psu boards that use the GR78/79 and HV boards. Bare boards are fine with me. TIA cheers Alan
  10. Also 5.08 pitch which makes it possible to use them instead the usual phoenix block type connectors. Thanks, Kerry.
  11. Cannot even find anything in Texas now. The ones around here that have anything not low end in stock have started adding a $5k market adjustment price to everything.
  12. I love the part when Bugs makes flowers grow on Elmer Fudd's head.
  13. It mounts to the spindle and has a dust extractor line hooked up to it. Catches all the chips when you are machining.
  14. Phew. Writing up a review of KSIA's first album is gonna take a bit so I cranked out one for their Campus Martius EP. There might be a few typos. I'm tired. This is what all the fuss is about.
  15. Tax prep all day. Down to the wire, but basically done at this point. Currently taking a break and writing a review of KSIA's first studio album. You know, the one that came out in late 2013. I've made it a goal to review all of their major releases on Discogs throughout the year.
  16. Also no reason to watch... Jim before the drugs
  17. Last week
  18. Officially updated the build. Truck was built on the 27th of April and will now sit in a parking lot until August waiting for fucking chips for delivery in September. Time to cancel and fly to Texas to buy a truck.
  19. I believe he's referring to the hijacked gas pipeline.
  20. Had a night at the opera last night... only instead of at the opera house it was a drive-up stage at the Marin Civic Center. They did Barber of Seville. It feels great to getting on the road back to live theater/music/opera.
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