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  2. Wonderful news, congratulations!!!
  3. That is truly awesome news!
  4. Order placed with PCBnet. Will keep you posted with updates.
  5. Congrats to Andrew and the proud parents!
  6. That's excellent!
  7. Today
  8. Congrat to Andrew and congrat to his parents! Clarkson has become a hot school lately so that is an accomplishment.
  9. Congratulations Andrew .... and dad
  10. So my son Andrew has been accepted to his 4 top schools, with great merit from 2, OK from 1, and we were waiting to hear from 1 (Clarkson, his top choice). Clarkson Financial letter came today, and at first it was disappointing, showing a decent but 3rd lowest amount in 2017, same in 2018, and then nothing beyond. THEN, we read more closely: FALL of 2017 and SPRING of 2018..... It turned out to be the highest of all the schools so far for a year, renewable for the 3 additional years as long as he maintains grades. WOOOOOO-FUCKING-HOOO are we psyched!!! The Hermit Boy even agreed to go out to a celebratory dinner with us So fucking proud.....he did this.....had some help to coordinate, but he did it.....
  11. When there is a short, it is one of the first parts to blow along with the transistor it's connected to. Under normal operating conditions, it really isn't an issue.
  12. Is 3 watts really needed? Max current should be 120mA and through 5 ohms …. not much.
  13. It's been discussed before, and the outlook is not so good...
  14. I was worried about the few through hole parts, in particular the 3w resistor used in the current limiter. Without that, it's much easier, but still tight.
  15. is it rent controlled?
  16. I would really love to. I really like my apartment, though, and it's in a great location, and the rent is right. Anyway, apparently the police contacted my landlord about "the amount of calls," which I was hoping would happen, and "something is going to be done." He's really likes me, because I pay on time, I take care of stuff, and talk to him when I see him. He's just spineless and lazy. Now that he might be having to pay the city fines for allowing too much bullshit, maybe it will change.
  17. That Tattoo Man video is awesome! Thats Knucks!!!
  18. looks pretty slick... wonder what it sounds like
  19. i don't understand the problem. the non-electrolytic parts on the HV PSU only take up about a cubic inch. looks like you have more than enough space to work with
  20. Never had one of those so I'm not sure.
  21. Payment sent. Thanks!
  22. I got the NAD20, are those the same drivers? Doesn't sound too bad but not good enough to spend too much time on. Not Stax pinout. What about the diaphragm specs?
  23. It looks like a Bulgin Vandal resistant switch, something like this (possibly the illuminated version). Mouser has a bunch of different versions..
  24. I agree with the tall man 100%. Bad neighbors + bad landlord = time to think about moving anyways. Think about what your desired outcome is, and how best to achieve it. We obviously only have a few of the facts here, but I'm not sure I'd like to live in a place where the landlord hated my guts.
  25. This is not meant facetiously. Perhaps consider using the resources that would go into fighting the shit landlord and neighbor to move to a nicer place instead?
  26. I was thinking about it as I was doing the LV one. I bet I can get it close to that size wise. I'll add it to my list, so definitely not by end of day Maybe do the T2 PS style current limiting, which is better at handling shorts. Let me know what you think.
  27. Yup, we expect it by the end of the day. K'thx'by!!!
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