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  2. This is great, now we have somebody in charge of documentation!!! Seriously though, excellent work and not nearly enough multimeters.
  3. You can separate the grill from the driver but yeah, odds are that you will destroy the dust cover as well. It is attached to the thin aluminum ring that is between the grill and the front stator mounting plate.
  4. Well it is Cavalli so it being shit is a given.
  5. woohoo nicely done !
  6. Swapped in 6CA7 from Electro harmonic and the sub-bass is better ..... Tubes rolling is fun and GG is amazing ! Thank you Kevin !!!! Can't thanks Kevin enough The LED switch is awesome from Joe and Ang, 2 tones, so white is my warmed up and warmed orange is operational
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  8. Wow, that was a lot of work! Looks great (even if I don't know what half of it means)!
  9. Spent yesterday afternoon and evening moving in a new mini refrigerator for the guest room further cleaning up the rest of the house and trying to fix a missing sort of seal strip to fit underneath the shower door to prevent water from splashing onto the bathroom floor. The seal strip job looks like a basic HeadFi newby fugly soldering job but works for now.
  10. Interesting reading. If a black thing looks & tastes like shit, how could that be carbon ?
  11. Hi guys, this is my first post! I ask you a question. I just bought a Lambda NB, the headphone works but is not in excellent condition. In particular, the metal grille that protects the left channel driver is deformed, and touches the dust cover. I believe that the only way to straighten it, involves removing the driver. This is an operation I've done many years ago on other lambda, but I do not remember in detail now. If I pull the driver out of the baffle, does the dust cover break? I do not remember exactly where the dust cover is glued! Thanks!
  12. Can't. Yeah, I would think you'd be able to find the older version -- the Music Streamer Pro -- for even cheaper, but I just took a quick Google, and only found the one for $399. It goes up to 96/24. Trying to remember what I did with mine...I'm horrible at sending people stuff, so I probably still have it somewhere. If you can find a used one of the HD for even less than $375, then yes, that'd be the way to go, I would think.
  13. Top this.
  14. What kind of gear do you use to get the thermal pictures?
  15. Happy Birthday!
  16. not enough voltmeters
  17. Happy Birthday Ryan!
  18. I like the red thing cuz it's red.
  19. So I finished my my KGSSHV Carbon a few weeks ago. Been too busy listening to it, but I thought I would share my effort and measurements. I am lucky enough to have access to some test gear that allowed me to take thermal pictures of the amp and some further analysis such as frequency response. I also put together a bring up guide that I used. It is basically a summary of what others have already come up with here in posts. it can be viewed at: KGSSHV Carbon Bringup Guide Attached is the test report. And yes, the wiring still needs to be tidied up in that picture, especially the grounding. I was a little impatient, plus I still need to design a small latch and inrush limiter circuit for the momentary switch. For now the switch on the IEC connector makes do. KGSSHV Carbon - SR17001.pdf
  20. Definitely the same heatsinks as the 727 too.
  21. also notice the same rms voltage as 727 which means +/-350 power supplies
  22. One correction. I thought that they would be running more power since the consumption was listed as 95 watts, but I see that that spec includes the "optional slot", without it the power consumption is listed as 58 watts. The 727 consumes 46 watts, figure 2-3 watts for the 6922 tube heaters, so another couple watts per side for the output stage.
  23. Well, there's always RME Babyface Pro. I'd pay top dollar for that, if I'd need one. My company uses the old Babyface and it's pretty darn good.
  24. Agreed... I'd like to see 192/24 support and small form factor because of road/business trips. The HRT looks like it fits my needs. Now to find one that's reasonably priced. Looks like they can be had for $375 new
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