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  2. current feedback electrostatic amp

    I agree. Built a 360-ish volt version before, so will do a 400V next time. For the record, as good as Dynahi and Dynalo are, the CFA2 is where I plug my dynamic cans in most often. Guess I have a personal preference for current feedback. Or perhaps more adequately, Kevin's current feedback designs are awesome
  3. The Knuckledragger 3rd Memorial Slow Forum Post

    I copied this to my brother in law. He said "I actually witnessed a guy try this on a Stag Day I was co-hosting a couple of years ago (yes, in Denmark they last all day and all night). We were on Islands Brygge esplanade in the middle of a wonderful, warm, sunny and surprisingly dry afternoon and it “seemed like a good idea at the time”. Two major flaws in his plan, though. 1. He used an espadrille instead of a shoe and 2. He tried to get the cork out in one huge hit. Result? Smashed bottle of wine + glass embedded in espadrille inner sole lining = dickhead goes barefoot all day + no wine until a visit to a local shop"
  4. The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!

    Wow - well done digging that out! I'd lost track of the years that had passed since I built my T2
  5. Happy Birthday acid basement!

    Thanks, dudes! It was a mostly good day, capped off by a get-together with some buddies and a game of Munchkin.
  6. current feedback electrostatic amp

    Thank You MLA It seems way better than expected, different but very very good.
  7. current feedback electrostatic amp

    It is a great amp, fairly independent of price range I think (though 37K obviously is the Best Ever...) When I build mine, I only had it for a couple of weeks and really liked it a lot. Then a friend asked to borrow an e-stat setup so it went to him for further opinion. A month later he declared he’s not giving it back unless I force him to do so. Have to build another one I guess
  8. Happy Birthday Iron_Dreamer!

    Happy Birthday Peter!
  9. Happy Birthday CarlSeibert!

    Happy Birthday Carl! Have a great day.
  10. Happy Birthday acid basement!

    Happy Birthday!
  11. RIP some fuck or another

    RIP Mr. Dunsworth. You, sir, had personality. HS
  12. What are you EATING right now?

    I love egg noodles.
  13. Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon

    But, but, I thought Cavalli was a horse of a different colour....
  14. What are you EATING right now?

    Earlier: Pappardelle Tartufo
  15. HC NBA Ballers

    Poor Gordon Hayward. I saw it live and it looked horrific. You never, ever want to see that. Hopes for a full recovery.
  16. The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!

    You don't need any shielding. I have made umbilicals with and without, including bundling the heaters separately and could detect no difference.
  17. current feedback electrostatic amp

    No rush, as you said no parts available, all I have are the ksa1156 a combined board would simplify the wiring a bit Its been 10 months and I would like to hear other opinions about this amp. possibly its a great low budget amp, ( or spend 37k and you know its the Best Ever)
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  19. The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!

    So, I am curious as the amphenol connectors body are insulated....unless scraping off the insulation (bottom body to faceplate into the screws going to chassis) to install the braided mesh for shielding to Ground to reject EMI/RFI as the braiding and or twisting is merely enough.....what do people do for shielding purposes ? Thanks very much
  20. current feedback electrostatic amp

    I like that one a lot. I'll dig out the new boards tomorrow and take a picture.
  21. Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon

    Yup...(with the Single Power ES-2 half built in the corner of the room)... they sure can be.
  22. And now what did you do TODAY?

    Cats have simple rules. Meow cuddle me. Meow let me out. Meow feed me. And that is about the limit of their vocabulary and needs. The 3am madness seems to stop once they get a bit older - at least that was the case with ours. Granted there is another level of dialog comprising purrs and chirps, and a particular type of meow which means "I've caught something, and I want to bring it inside and give it to you"; as if we need yet another mangled rodent or frog.
  23. And now what did you do TODAY?

    They absolutely are.
  24. current feedback electrostatic amp

    Amazing how many parts are out of stock for this? So in order to use this on a tight shelf I bought some 4x10" heat sinks and modified the case to use them Only 60 holes to drill and tap. now moar better.
  25. Thanks Rumina. I have reviewed my documentation but only find the reference at 0.75 Volt but I'm regulating the Bias at 0.375 Volt and in a while I can tell something.
  26. And now what did you do TODAY?

    They are sucking you in like the Succubi they are....cute little balls of furry Satan's Spawn.....
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