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  2. Feel free to post pics and we'd be happy to take a look at them. You open up the top panel and there are cans inside of there you need to open up as well.
  3. Yes that is so true. My dad died at the too-young age of 71 in 1994 and my mum at 85 in 2008. I'd give a whole lot to have them back to chat to over a few beers. Still miss them after all this time.
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  5. I'd say go ahead and post them, and if someone feels like jumping in, they will.
  6. I think I just broke a record. Just hung up from a 5 1/2 hr. phone call with my Mom. I just don't have the heart to cut her short after everything she's been through lately. My ear hurts and I'm starving. She really needs an ear to bend though, and as tough as that was, I just want to make her a little happier. I'm sure after she's gone I'll wish I could talk to her for hours.
  7. Happy Birthday Bryan! Cheers
  8. That would be something. 71lbs of espresso machine...woof. Watched a good bit of James Hoffman today between to-do's. HS
  9. Hello, Could I post up pictures of the inside of my Woo Wee for someone here to check if it is has the same ballast problem too? I am completely inexperienced about this type of DIY work and would REALLY appreciate the help. Do I open the top or the bottom of the unit?
  10. Perhaps the range of the Vbe multiplier (resistors and/or pot) needs to be adjusted if you want to use the larger heatsink and lower temperature? Not sure what is best in this case but sometimes a certain temperature is targeted (such as 50C in another design).
  11. I made bison steaks for Thanksgiving. The first one was overdone but not leather; the second one was perfect. I did, however, let them marinate too long.
  12. today was our thanksgiving because of family timing. I made a turducken
  13. Happy Birthday, Bryan! 🥓🥓🥓
  14. Happy Birthday, Bryan. Here's to hoping your day started with good coffee and ends with good whiskey - and that everything in between was great.
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  16. RIP Almudena Grandes. Died from cancer at 61. She was a writer that I enjoyed very much. She wrote a series of books named "the never ending war" from the losers of the Spanish Civil War point of view (that's communist, anarchists and democrats in general). She also wrote a couple of columns weekly in the newspaper I usually read in Spanish. Clever, kind and decent human being. I'll miss her writings a lot. Goodspeed, Almudena
  17. I know you're eating a ton but I hope you get to follow up with whisky eventually. Cheers!
  18. Happy birthday! (party favour noise)
  19. So, over in the diyAudio forum user Algar_emi from Canada shared a commented schematic of the original clone with a few measurements he made. https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/headphone-systems/109618-krell-ksa5-9.html#post5189211 Turns out that a single channel will draw about 180mA per rail. That's with the voltage across the 2 ohms resistor at 125mV. That works for me. All values from his notes match with my measurements. Strange though, this only seems to work with no heatsink attached! Having only the aluminium L-profile in place, the setup settles at 44°C (100mV). As soon as I connect the big heatsink, obviously the temperature drops and the voltage across the resistor increases to 137mV. (just under 200mA on the input rails). Temperature drops below 30°C. After some ten minutes, temperature is up to 30°C and voltage down to 130mV. So it seems that the thermal capacity of the heatsink has a big effect on the system. Any ideas, anyone? Do away with the big heatsink? Simply live with the increased current through the resistors / transistors?
  20. Oh, I’ve thought about it. I promised my partner I wouldn’t spend that much. Order the Niche instead of the Option-O Lagom P64 freed up some money for the machine, though not enough for that!
  21. Happy Birthday, Bryan!!!
  22. Happy Birthday, Bryan!
  23. Happy Birthday Bryan!
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