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  2. Maybe the gen 4(?) white Bronco will finally get some peace?
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  4. Guy on /r/audiophile inherited this setup from his grandfather. He asked "Is this stuff any good? Should I keep it?" I managed to not blurt out "No, it's very bad and in fact dangerous. I'll do you a favor make sure it gets disposed of properly."
  5. It is a white Ford Bronco hearse and now I can see that the Grim Reaper is driving. Before being arrested, OJ famously forced his football buddy Al Cowlings drive OJ in his white Ford Bronco at gunpoint and they ended up in a slow speed chase with police on the freeway. Riff on that iconic OJ moment, when everyone took that as a sign that he was admitting he was guilty
  6. A Symphonic Celebration - Music from the Studio Ghibli Films of Hayao Miyazaki by Joe Hisaishi (2023) https://album.link/i/1680459073 Example: A good set of recordings by DG of the great Joe Hisaishi. I normally don't prefer mixing various works from various movies. But for the most part this works. It mostly groups them together by movie. And of course the recording standards are very high. Makes me want to watch some movies.
  7. Upcoming: https://www.townofross.org/recreation/page/live-common-1 Question for all the Swifty's out there: Exactly how big of a pile of money will we need to set fire to, to recreate the authentic experience?
  8. Same about not being very sure, regarding good old Mark https://album.link/i/1718922576
  9. Not sure Willie blossoms this much, but giving it a shot this morning. Ex.
  10. Just a couple of tunes into this new Lizz Wright's album, which I'm finding really good Available everywhere https://album.link/i/1721233663 even Qobuz There's something in good singers and musicians that only blossoms with age.
  11. I have the Yashica working: that was some fiddly work, but it came down to cleaning and lubricating the shutter release. I have five rolls of Kodak Gold and three rolls of Portra 400 in 120, so I’m eager to get snapping with the Yashica. Q is in repair now, so maybe I’m 2 for 2 after all (results pending). Having put a couple rolls through the FM2 lately has me looking at the DF: surprisingly pricy by DSLR standards in 2024, but lots of low shutter count examples in Japan.
  12. I’m getting better. It’s hard being even on both sides of the cup.
  13. https://archive.org/details/PopUpVideo2011/Beastie+Boys+-+Intergalactic.flv OK, so this is the Beastie Boys - Intergalactic However, this link will give you 300+ videos from VH1's Pop Up Video This link will give you days of listening. There's so much good stuff that I forgot even existed.
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  15. I honestly enjoy watching people who know how to move. I've recently started following this guy: https://www.instagram.com/p/C5lqcMNJys8/ (itslavik on Facebook; itsslavik on Instagram)
  16. It looks like their dog beds are room treatments
  17. Completely agree! When you slaughter your ex wife and another completely innocent person because they happened to be there, then you DO NOT deserve to rest in any kind of peace! You deserve an eternity of ass rape with a spiked mace. R.I.H. OJ Simpson!
  18. swt61

    Speaker Porn

    Still... You can't go boring Black if you go Wilson.
  19. "See honey? His wife didn't object to the Wilsons!"
  20. That murdering cunt should rot in hell.
  21. RIP O.J. / Nordberg https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-68792486
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