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  2. I ate. I just was a little under the weather so I could only sample.
  3. So Titanfall 2 is taking off? Tell me more.
  4. RIP to a lovely lady. Had recently been enjoying some of the Roche's holiday music..... And....fuck cancer! Just. Fuck. It.
  5. We won the next two after you left, of course. Thanks for a fun evening guys.
  6. Only if you want to buy cans of their beer. 11:30am or so would seem to make sense for most people.
  7. I finally started joining the guys for some Titanfall 2 multi-player this weekend. I have to say, it is actually pretty darn fun. Haven't won a game yet but we seem to be learning fast.
  8. Was the consensus to turn up at 10am?
  9. I didn't make it to Roscoe's. :-/
  10. Loved Roscoe's.
  11. You would have liked Roscoe's even more of you actually ate anything. :/
  12. I don't think I did any in LA. Roscoes was fantastic tho.
  13. Yes the ribs were pretty amazing and so were the wings. We need to do another clod though. Pics of the adopted Traeger to come after I pretty it up and put a new controller.
  14. I think Gail had Raffy come down to keep an eye on me while she went to the March in D.C. I think dinner was part of the deal as was the Traeger which now lives on in a suburb of Orlando. I have to admit that the ribs were pretty outstanding.
  15. Now I want Mike's dinner from last night plus Dan's from tonight.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Dinner last night. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. for soren, thru hole version with servo
  19. I never said this was a tiny amp. Nor low power.
  20. If I ever buy a new car, I'll definitely be getting the clear bra.
  21. I didn't really do much listening at CanJam, so I didn't hear it. I should have!
  22. Thanks! That's interesting.
  23. Payment sent; shipping address in paypal note. Thanks!
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