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  2. Lollers, I’ve just been playing my Prophet6 straight into headphones. Unlike the Prophet5–which is monaural—it has stereo effects, which make it non-painful to listen to.
  3. Here's a nice (mac) tool for viewing MIDI messages (or the lack of,..) coming from devices in your system. Logic shows midi messages but they go by so feakin fast that all you reliably see is that there is a signal coming in. snoize MiDI Monitor is free and light. Great for solving difficult midi issues. https://www.snoize.com/MIDIMonitor/
  4. Quarantine watching: Finally finished watching Ozark season 3. Ending kinda surprised me a bit. Penny Dreadful: City of Angels (Showtime). Show about race riots in LA pre-WWII, with some Hispanic religious supernatural stuff, as well as Nazi party activities in LA, thrown in. This one was pretty good I thought. Not sure if there will be a season 2, but I hope so. I had watched the original Penny Dreadful (also Showtime) previously, which is set in Victorian London. Perry Mason (HBO). A remake of the classic show from the '50s-'60s, this time Perry is a private investigator, set in 1932 LA. Only up to the 4th episode, but pretty good so far.
  5. Newly released on Qobuz and TIDAL.
  6. Belated Happy Birthday, Jose! Hope you had a great day.
  7. Thanks for letting me know John! Hope all will receive your packages soon. I have no clue how much time the packages take to reach different countries/recipients based on past experience - there seem to be quite a bit of variance. Sometimes the customs plays a part and I was also warned that the COVID pandemic may cause some delay as well.
  8. Maybe the guy though it would be a headphone equivalent of loudspeaker bi-wiring? Shotgun cables is the term used I believe?
  9. All Stax are balanced and even if an amp has two outputs... they are wired in parallel with both channels at both sockets. What benefit could be had from this is very dubious.
  10. Amazing. What car will be driving Vettel next season?
  11. now confirmed...2 years...
  12. I'm not an expert but aren't Stax plug already balanced? Stupid: Yeah but I got a 3D printer.
  13. Not from the same store. it's hand made from "Aluminum Square Bar" and just need to cut and drill screw holes.
  14. jose

    Happy Birthday jose!

    Thank you guys!!!
  15. I'd rather see an Alonso/Vettel/? Ferrari IndyCar team:)...but life's not fair...
  16. ^There's been a lot of gossip about that for the last few days. We'll see, I'm highly skeptic that Renault would pay Alonso's fee, besides they were able to offer a competitive car he finds interesting to drive.
  17. Welp happy to say I think I'll be joining the Stax gang finally! I wound up picking up one of the CCS Modded SRM 007tA's from @spritzer I'm sure it'll be lovely for my ESP 95X but I'm curious if any one has any experience with the CCS Modded Tube amps for 009? Ideally I'd like a bright/lean Stax to compliment my some what dark 95X
  18. Alonso to Renault for '21 expected to be announced later today...
  19. Happy birthday! 🎊🎉 (party favour noise)
  20. Nice build, did you get the angle-brackets done by the same shop?
  21. so many IEMs for sale now are straight copies of JH designs..its not even possible to keep up anymore. Just about everything is all marketing these days so to go after JH marketing is a bit ironic
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  23. Hi Michael, my package arrived safely, thanks very much for all your hard work.
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