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  2. Hey folks, I promised we'd publish a list of the Schiit Audio Gear that Grover will be bringing. At this time here's what he's telling me!We'll have the new Multibit card Lyr and Jotunheim, a loki/magni 3/modi stack, Valhalla and Bifrost Multibit. I think I've got a Raggy and Yggy lined up, but I'll hold off on promising that until I know for sure. May be one or two other assorted small things. Audeze will be there too. Also heard from Evan Grimm with Audeze, and he will be coming with a whole gaggle of their products; LCD-2 (may be bringing something else in place of this) LCD-3 (may be bringing something else in place of this) LCD-X LCD-XC LCD-4 LCD4-Z (this one may replace one of the LCD-2’s or LCD-3’s) LCD-MX4 iSINE10 iSINE20 LCDi4
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  4. HiFiMAN Shangri-la Jr. Electrostatic Headphones

    Maybe there is already a Mk2 looming? The drivers in these are circular so I guess that is the only real difference. The odd shape of the housings is just for show as circular earpads would fit perfectly. I do have some in mind which have similar height and might improve the sound quite a bit. I just need to get some of those hifiman mounting rings...or just glue the fuckers.
  5. The Headcase Stax thread

    Stax with proper English would not be the company we all know and love...
  6. The Headcase Stax thread

    Nah, it makes them sounds more exotic. Also encourages people to learn japanese.
  7. Ye Macce Threade

    Like mine. We use it all the time in the family room. The main problem is smartass teens who think it’s funny to wander into the room whenever something is playing, say “Hey Siri play ‘God’s Plan’” and leave smirking.
  8. ecp audio

    I still have a couple of prototype amplifiers available. One is a Black Diamond with an upgraded power supply ($1100). The other is a DSHA2 ($1200). Both amps use transformers for gain. More information at http://ecpaudio.com/stuff.shtml, or send me a PM.
  9. Ye Macce Threade

    Just ordered a HomePod. Interested to see how it compares to the KEF Muo.
  10. The Headcase Stax thread

    I see this all over Asia.
  11. The Headcase Stax thread

    You would be shocked at the amount of companies do half assed in house translations.
  12. The Headcase Stax thread

    I have always found it intriguing that Stax often does not properly translate their literature into English. There must be someone within the company capable of handling that job. If not, they can utilize writers not affiliated with Stax or have one of their English speaking Distributors help them out!
  13. Dynalo Mini enclosure group buy

    I heard back from the guy and he said it should take another week. sorry about delaying the layout samples. Family stuff
  14. Focal Utopia headphones...with Beryllium driver

    What if you say Foucault three times and click your heels?
  15. Let’s not forget that Focal warranty is non-transferable, so used units don’t get serviced, even if they originally came from an authorized dealer at full MSRP+tax. (Not that Stax warranty support is anything to boast of, either.)
  16. The Knuckledragger 3rd Memorial Slow Forum Post

    This has features, and some components, from the Keith Monks RCM http://www.keithmonks-rcm.co.uk/features.html
  17. RIP some fuck or another

    RIP El Diablo and condolences to you and the family Todd.
  18. What are you listening to Part the Third

    Patsy Cline - Greatest Hits Listened to this last night. I've always been a sucker for a great alto voice and Patsy sure was one of the greats. Taken from us way too soon.
  19. HiFiMAN Shangri-la Jr. Electrostatic Headphones

    Yea the pictures make the build look the same. I think we are long past hoping that hifiman will up the build quality no matter how far they escalate the price. The drivers for the big Shangri la look to be a fair bit larger and in a housing that resembles the HEK.
  20. What are you EATING right now?

    It's more of a retinue.
  21. RIP some fuck or another

    What a rotten return from Sydney Todd. RIP El Diablo. We're just about to pick ours up from the boarding cattery where they have been staying while we were in Australia (back at 7am UK time this morning)
  22. Headamp has them listed at $4999 but Woo Audio has them listed at $3999. Don't know why the difference in price.
  23. The Headcase Stax thread

    I wonder if the plan was to have it like this from the start of the C32 project, only it was not as cost-effective / more troublesome at that time. Or they always wanted to go ahead like this, do it in two stages. Toyota did the opposite with their supercar (LF-A) First, they wanted to use aluminum for they body, then they scraped that (too heavy), started all over again again using carbon fiber. But at least some of that aluminum development probably found its way to their newer, cheaper sportscar (LC 500) The naming implies that it won't be night and day different, but we'll see. Sometimes that little extra bit makes all the difference (that's what she said)
  24. The Headcase Stax thread

    https://stax-international.com/products/sr-009s/ Here it is in English. I do find them funny, gold stators like the 007's and the same round protection mesh as the 007's as well...
  25. HiFiMAN Shangri-la Jr. Electrostatic Headphones

    No, the Susvara uses all the same crappy parts as this one so I need to find somebody to make real leather parts for these. These just stink, badly enough that I don't want to put the headphones on. I mean people who paid 6K$ for the Susvara can't be happy about this or are they all HF sheep without a clue? HFM claim the dust cover is "nanometer" for the best signal transmission but dust will always get through. They are likely the same as this one or at least very similar. Same headband, same cable, same fake leather earpads but quite a bit more money... The MSRP of the system is 8K$ and the headphones are 6K$. Have you seen them somewhere for 4K$? I was more referring to the HE90 parts, the finest quality vinyl used there for everything.
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