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  2. Who can possibly forget his movie music for Chariots of Fire and Bladerunner? RIP Vangelis
  3. "All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain... Time to die."
  4. Those were (in excellent condition) for sale here recently... The price was... khm.. measly 8500 €
  5. Yesterday
  6. Oh boy. So Sports Illustrated featured a plus sized model named Yumi Nu on the cover of their swimsuit issue. Everyone's favorite Kermit Thee Frog sounding Canadian self-help grifted Doctor Jordan B. Peterson had to open his big yapper about it: Things did not go well for him. I have not seen a public evisceration like this in a while. Ragequit!
  7. Yeow. RIP to Vangelis, a man in need of exactly zero introduction. There's no way I could even begin to sum up his career, impact (or, ahem, collection of synthesizers) so I'm just gonna say this: When I did my Saturnine mix 2009, I included his song Ask The Mountain with Stina Nordenstam ‎on vocals:
  8. I use the Stax setup at home. Here are the phones list Sony R10 (Hard to find), Sr-4070, ZMF Verite, Focal Stellia Any suggestion so far?
  9. I would have called you a cunt for your prissy comment and imperious demand, so n_maher and Sherwood have let you off lightly by Head-case standards. So take a breath or take a hike.
  10. Old Enough! (Netflix). Does this ever get old?
  11. It actually looks worse than that now. It seems a very Silicon Valley neighborhood. Dilapidated Smug Mug, RV park for homeless, car repair shops, Mozilla and Atlassian HQs, my 100 unit complex, dead flower shop complex/new 451 housing complex, new low/medium income housing/old Opera browser US HQ, gas station. Its mostly built on early silicon processing companies land so you sign wavers when you buy on the poisoned soil. So you know, basically paradise.
  12. I might wanna transfer some of my uploads while their servers are still running.
  13. I forget who said it, but someone in here mentioned they drive by the SmugMug HQ (the people who own Flickr) and that the bulding is a dump. Went on Google Maps and, uh, can confirm: https://goo.gl/maps/sYgVyvq8SHxQTSFH7
  14. They were robbed. They should've at least made the top 10.
  15. I've listened to several Joy Division things today, including some early material when they went by the name Warsaw. For several years they were my favorite band, and are still up there in the top 5..... Probably my favorite song by them is Decades, the last song on the Closer album. In hindsight, knowing of Ian's suicide, this is such a powerful song to me. There is a keyboard "solo" towards the end that just sounds so frail...and of course the lyrics are very fateful..... EDIT: and the first single that new Order had post-JD was Ceremony/In A Lonely Place. Written while they were still Joy Division....the B-side is also incredibly powerful lyrically and in mood. Again, especially in hindsight....and it was the last demo ever recorded by the group apparently Lyrics: Caressing the marble and stone Love that was special for one The waste in the fever and heat How I wish you were here with me now Body that curls in and dies Hardship that often belies Warm like a dog round your feet How I wish you were here with me now Hangman looks round as he waits Cord stretches tight then it breaks Someday we will die in your dreams How I wish we were here with you now
  16. Last week
  17. @skullguise mentioned elsewhere that today is the anniversary of Ian Curtis's death in 1980. RIP to the legend.
  18. Suitable for giving to Norwegian Eurovision Wolves.
  19. Don't I know it. Still, so much death right next door influences every part of life. That is grammatically an imperative, so, an order. I have no fight with you, Helium, I'm just expressing a little solidarity with a fellow forum participant in my neighborhood. That can't possibly be what passes for hate.
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