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  2. https://www.theverge.com/2020/10/28/21538171/teenage-engineering-pocket-operator-capcom-mega-man-street-fighter-price-release-date
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  4. Donnie Darko with some imaginary friends. Was watching Devin Townsend the last two nights -- another crazy great performer who is both virtuosic and enjoys what he does.
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  6. Got the new stands setup and the Barefoots off of the wobbly desktop stands. Still have none of the treatment in, or any notification of when it might come as GIK seems to not like answering the phone/e-mails. Even in the bad room, with a glass wall behind them they sound pretty fantastic. Then I used Sonarworks Reference 4 to treat the room and the sound is pretty great when playing back Qobuz using Sonarworks Systemwide.
  7. Grahame

    Get your game on!

    And with the afterburners on?
  8. Somehow the ifunny.co watermark improves it. Billie Holiday performing “Strange Fruit” in NYC’s first integrated club, 1939 - Photo by Gjon Mili/Colorized by Jared Anderson. Hot Honey Fried Chicken Ice Cream Sandwich. These CAPTCHAs are so difficult. *shirt tucking intensifies*
  9. jose

    Get your game on!

    Tame the cat at night.
  10. Thanks guys... I buried her under the tree just outside the window she liked to stare out of. Gonna have to get used to not having my shadow following me around the house anymore.
  11. Condolences, Fitz. Those hit hard.
  12. Yeah, looked it up, will definitely be pursuing this. https://www.thekitchn.com/how-to-quick-pickle-any-vegetable-233882
  13. Yeah, that combination of virtuosity and glee slays me. Jacob Collier is a favourite for the same reasons. Here is the Snarky Puppy video. And it is a great keyboard solo.
  14. Sorry about your loss, Fitz.
  15. RIP Matilda! I love her coloring.....
  16. I'm very sorry, Fitz. Hugs, RIP Matilda.
  17. Agreed Dusty....I don't go out to see much Jazz, but we saw Hiromi on her "Move" tour, and it was fantastic! She has such talent and enthusiasm, and she seems to really love playing the music.
  18. Pickles are very easy to make. I just bought the hot ones by accident, and I'll be making that mistake again. Delicious.
  19. Sorry to hear. RIP Matilda
  20. Sorry to hear the news, dear Matlida RIP.
  21. Very sorry for your loss Fitz. A very beautiful cat! RIP Matilda.
  22. I can confirm that the full-size SuSy Dynalo offset does drift even with servo engaged as Chris stated. My own observation: 1. The drift is mostly ambient temperature related. A cased amp drift less than a free-standing (aka air-chassis) amp does 2. The + out and - out drift the same amount so, while the offset relative to ground drifts, the voltage difference between + out and - out are fairly stable
  23. Sorry for your loss, Fitz. Enjoy the endless playground Mathilda.
  24. So sorry to hear, Fitz. What a beautiful cat.
  25. Very sad Fitz. My condolences
  26. It is the Incra. I think it is like the old saying about democracy, that it's the worst fence available, except for all the others. It can be finicky and difficult to get calibrated, but it allows for doing things that are otherwise impossible. Traditionally, woodworkers don't really measure which makes it anathema to many people as it is purely about working to measurements. But it does suit the way I work, and I'd be lost without it. I did try to have a router table built into my saw table for a while. I tried using the same Incra fence for both, which was a bust. Then I found that the
  27. *hugs* So sorry for your loss, Fitz. RIP, Matilda.
  28. Please accept my sincere condolences, Fitz. Godspeed, Matilda... Sam
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