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  2. I can't think of Richard Simmons, without thinking about his appearance on Who's Line is it Anyway.
  3. I was just about to ask what film type was used.
  4. RIP Ruth and Richard, two unique characters who helped many others.
  5. I've been playing with the D4S all weekend. Man, it's funny how familiar the Nikon controls feel after so many years with the D7000 and how easy it is to fall back into workflow/process. Still working on nailing focus points. Low light performance is impressive. That was in an essentially dark room with the little man lit only by the light of his phone.
  6. Oh man, a twofer. RIP Richard Simmons an man whose voice one can hear at mere mention of his named, passed at 76. His birthday was yesterday.
  7. Went to take a shower today, and a very young mouse was visiting in my tub😮 Should have taken a pic, very cute little thing. Put it in a box with air holes until I could take my shower and put it outside. The dichotomy of our reactions: Karen: "Oh, gross, we need to get rid of it and any others...." Todd: "It's SOOO cute, we should get a habitrail and keep him...." 🤣 I did let him outside, but fear he's too small to survive on his own. And we got some no-escape traps to see if others are here and can be captured. I also plan on getting some humane packages of those mint or other deterrents....
  8. There's a guy on MV selling a bunch of DSLRs for quite cheap. Most were of no interest to me (Canon Rebel T2i, Canon D40, Nikon D90, Nikon D3200) but he also had a 2005 vintage D200 paired with the 18-200mm VR (which is apparently a really good lens.) My main interest is attaching my 300mm F/4 to it and using it as an effective 450mm. The seller dropped it off this afternoon and I've been testing it out. Of course, it's absolutely pouring right now so I'm somewhat limited in what I can do. With that said, That's the 300mm successfully attached. I had to figure out how to remove the Nikon F to Canon EF adapter (a nontrivial task.) Did you know you have to set the aperture to smallest and flip a switch on the lens before you mount it or the camera displays a "fEE" error? Nikons are weird. The other lenses are the 18-200mm VR and a 50mm F/1.8 D I bought from a certain DACses hoarder like 15 years ago(!) Looking out the back door (with apologies to John Fogerty) with the 18-200. A not very good photo of a Night Herron taking shelter from the downpour. I should not be handholding a 300mm in the rain) or at any other point.)
  9. RIP Dr Ruth who passed the tender age of 96. Anyone alive in the 80s will remember her and late night talk show hosts doing impersonations of her.
  10. Hah! That last one was my High School, but I was long gone by 1982!
  11. ktm

    Kitty Talk

    She's our third black cat. The first one lived 21 years. She was a sickly kitten that was adapted out,then brought back to the shelter. The wife took pity and brought her home. The second one adapted us. He was in the back yard and the wife Put out food and water. He started hanging around, and we ended up turning him into an indoor cat after about 6 months of enticing. Living the wild life took a toll on him. We spent $$$ on the vet to try to get him healthy, but it was a losing battle. He did go from feral to a lap cat in 7 years. So at least he was able to enjoy the last few years of life.
  12. Thanks for trying Mikey! I'm not good at math but there's something funny about this description of the much too fancy Countryside Grill: Originally established in 1933 Celebrating 35 years of excellence! Countryside Saloon is one of Des Plaines’ best-kept secrets. Originally established in 1933, it was once a Prohibition-era speakeasy and gin mill. Today, it is a lively sports bar and grill that offers patrons a chance to see their favorite sports team, listen to live music on Friday’s or just enjoy a great meal while sipping on one of many craft beers or classic cocktails. It must have been real secret for over 50 years!
  13. So cute, and awesome of you to adopt an adult! Hope she brings you many years of happiness!
  14. We pulled a little Bay Area up to you last night for a family visit on Mel’s side in Auburn. Should only hit a chilly 99 today.
  15. I literally listened to that song last night, part of "The Morning Lasted All Day: A Retrospective" album. Oddly (or maybe not) there was something I just loved in that video about Lara St John as she grooves while doing the chorus....
  16. Aye: I start to run out of data fast. International Amphitheater, Chicago, IL -- November 29, 1981 Centennial Hall, Rock Island, IL -- October 4, 1981 Poplar Creek Music Theater, Hoffman Estates, IL -- August 9, 1981 ChicagoFest 1981 -- July 30, 1981 Teddy Pendergrass - Survivor - jan and dean <<-- I would see that show Checking the bar licenses for the greater Chicago area for dive bars was too large of an effort. But from the Chamber of Commerce - they only list one - Countryside Saloon 2501 E. Ballard Road Des Plaines, IL 60016 -- but everything is fancy. So I am not sure how to search for old records. Hopefully the locals can help.. .--- sorry.
  17. Steve, the the trick is to know the cool spots, both culturally, and meteorologically. The venue started balmy, but as the evening progressed, and the marine layer came in, the breeze picked up, and the locals layered up. Then when it finished we headed back home, a few valleys further north, to warm back up, and then cool off on the deck. Bay Area microclimates are quite something.
  18. A quick soundcheck at the Tam Valley Community center And the Fog City Swampers are Rock 'n Rollin' Getting members of the Tam Valley Community up on their feet. Great Backdrop to the venue. And everybody gets a free backstage pass!
  19. Tom insists it was in DesPlaines and it would be in the June-August time frame because my parents were teachers. I have my doubts about the year--it's possible that it was 1981 even before they wrote Eye of the Tiger.
  20. That looks great Grahame, though I don't seem to have much appetite in this heat. That's quite amazing, especially as it seems to cost $20 just walking through the door of Good Earth.
  21. When the Tam Valley Community Center says $8 , they mean it! The price you see, is the price you pay! No BS fees, or suggested 30% gratuities. https://www.seefees.ca/ https://www.sfchronicle.com/food/restaurants/article/surcharge-fee-san-francisco-19561318.php https://www.reddit.com/r/sanfrancisco/s/wr2xrHaBY7
  22. Ooh. I love Dream Academy. Of course I did live "Life in a Northern Town". 🙂 About as far North as you can get in the USA.
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