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    It's winter time again - the prime time to bring out this space heater. I have forgotten how glorious this amp sounds and am reminded again how much tube choices affect the sound of this all-tube circuit - especially the front end tubes.
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    A rare sight for southern California and an even rarer sigh from my back yard. I feel like I have been transported to Denver or something.
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    Thanks everyone. Hope you all had a good Xmas or at least a decent break. We spent a couple non-stress days eating and drinking in Sonoma. Now back home, I’d be surprised if I can keep my eyes open past 8pm. #iamold #partyon
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    I know this is small beer compared to what Jose has gone through in the last couple of days, but three weeks post op on my finger this is what it looks like now. I'm really pleased with the outcome, and the remaining scar will fade away pretty much totally.
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    Just a follow up on my SS Mini build where I used the MPSW thru-hole transistors instead of the PZTA SMD version. Listening tonight, after 1 hour or so, the chassis top measured a max of 46°C, and scanning inside with the IR gun showed a max of 66°C. I did not remove the top to scan individual devices, but placing my hand on the top ( after 1 hour and 2 hours), it seems like it runs considerably cooler than I remember the SMD versions that I built. Sounds great as well, though I think the same as the SMD version.
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    Spent part of Boxing Day with my guy, Harold Potter.
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    Hah, thanks for the birthday wishes! Holy crap am I old. I guess that's why I hang out with you lot. 😂
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    RIP Syd Mead, brilliant concept artist for Blade Runner, Tron, Alien, and so many others...
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    2.1 system with a self-powered woofer.
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    Great breakdown (with isolation tracks) of a great track..
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    At the Chelsea Wine Cellar (retail space in Chelsea Market, NYC): Also at the Chelsea Wine Cellar, in the "expensive room" (next to the 50 y/o Glenlivet):
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    Niman Ranch Flat Iron, Garlic Fries, Arugula, Smoked Chile Butter
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    Supertramp "Breakfast in America" deluxe edition... IMO a masterpiece
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    Last night with guests from Italy and the Czech Republic. I wanted to introduce them to a Southern California Christmas minus the guacamole. Batch of medium prime ribs, batch of rare prime ribs. Twenty four hour brined turkey.
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    Being cooked for ... Prime Rib + bacon weave =
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    This batch of Mattnog will be consumed on Christmas. Cheers Matt!!
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    STAX ELS-8X Edit: Very interesting web page https://801a-4242a.blog.ss-blog.jp/2014-05-04
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    On the other side of things - New Years Beach Life. Fujifilm X-Pro2 and Fujinon XF 16mm f/1.4.
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    No pics, but my first sicilian pizza ..... Sfinciuni Pizze. Not a looker but bursting with flavor. "This traditional pie has a pan style crust, with a sweet and rustic style tomato sauce on top of 2 year aged parmigiano reggiano".
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    My girlfriend got me an interesting watch for Christmas. It’s made from reclaimed whiskey barrels and a miyota quartz movement. 47mm but wears a little smaller.