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    Looks like I only have clearance issues with some interference from the rectifier heat sinks. Not bad for no fancy CAD time wasting
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    Having an infrared side burner on the grill is pretty fucking awesome. Thanks for the tip Marc. Indirect heat @225F for 30 minutes and then a 30 second sear per side on the infrared burner.
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    The moment of truth - got in a rear panel for a super dense amplifier project, which houses two front ends that wires up to different output stages. Hopefully I will have time tomorrow to get the output stage bolted onto the heat sink to see if everything fits. It will be very close! Missing a few M3 screws and the switches, but those will be ordered next part run, but more or less everything is installed! Edit: not quite - there are pluggable buffers in front of the transformers that would block view of the relay - I need to add those in. Hopefully an update tomorrow when all fits!
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    Sous-vide leg of lamb, finished in cast iron on induction stove top. Plated with Original Ruffles crisp fried potato Sent from my LG-H932 using Tapatalk
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    Oh, I guess I forgot to say: I'm now the Associate Director of Retail Operations and director of the Miami University campus stores. Technically I'm interim, but that is due to the way internal promotions work here, and shouldn't last more than a few months (at which point I'll actually get the pay level at which I'm working). Anyway, the latter title puts me in charge of the "bookstore," and its multiple satellites and external stores, which is a big thing in and of itself, and the former makes me operations director of all kinds of retail locations, including retail foods, many of which don't even exist yet, and which are going to be a real test. I've never supervised hundreds of people, including managers (I'm getting used to now being a "big boss," for large swathes of people). I think I'm doing an okay job. I'm extremely hands on by nature (though the antithesis of a micro-manager, as I trust people until they give me reason not to), and I'm having to get used to not necessarily touching the things I own. I trust my boss implicitly, and I'm being allowed to put together a sub-management team that I trust. Miami University is exhausting, by its very nature, and I work long hours, an hour away from where I live (that is changing come early August; it'll be 35 minutes away), but I really love it. So, any given day I'm doing all of that. I get to dress however I like, which is rather well. I got in 20,000 steps at work, today, in dress shoes. That's more than usual, but 15,000 steps at work is typical. It really works out well for me, in a lot of ways. Miami is getting the best of me. Every day, my energy and time go there. I'm afraid that my family is getting the worst, but I'm doing my best.
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    Initial impression is ... odd. Produces a precise image and copious bass energy, but the musicians are six inches tall and apparently playing on the desk top?
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    Rib cap. Sous vide to rare then flamed on the hot grill (pour a little oil over so it flares up and chars/seals the crust). Cyprus salt flakes and sautéed spinach.
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    There's a chili cookoff tomorrow at work, so I spent the last couple hours making a batch of pork chili verde to share with the masses. This was one of two pans of veggies that I roasted.
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    Tartine Manufactory with Claire before the Giants game. Steak tartare and preserved eggs on toast, shelling beans, peas and greens, and pork spare ribs with pumpkin seed salsa and yogurt sauce (there were a couple more ribs but I started eating before the pic)
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    I tried the reverse sear method even though I don't have an infrared or other serious sear option on the grill. Heated up the cast iron on the side burner for sear duty. Also cooked corn and asparagus on the grill simultaneously. Mostly good results but the Warriors elimination final and the Stanley Cup final opener and a Giants game thrown in were distracting, and I let the NY Strip go a little long but I really like the texture and will try this again.
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    Seared Peking duck breast, foie gras ravioli with morels and Shrimp Clemenceau and lobster velouté Sticky toffee cake with caramel
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    I think that's more carbohydrates than I've had all week. Food coma, envelope me in thy off-black shroud...in 3...2...1...
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    Sleeping together.
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    Trying out these Nate Nachos
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    Everyone is sorted... Geez that was a ton of boards. I'll head to the store tomorrow for envelopes after I sort those who didn't order a TKD pot.
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    Fried chicken biscuit with gravy and an egg.
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    A few days ago died Maria Dolores Pradera, a Spanish singer and actress at 93. She had the kind of elegance and wit that reminded me of Lauren Bacall. She had a wonderful voice. She used to tour and record with "los Gemelos", a guitarist twin brothers duo suiting perfectly her music style. She was a big part of the soundtrack in my childhood (early childhood I'd say) since in the sixties she was at her prime of popularity, although she kept singing, acting and recording until a few years ago. In this video there's an additional guitarist to our left. A long wonderfully lived life.
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    Szechuan chicken stir fry made by me and blueberry pie made by Claire because Steve said there were blueberries at the farmers market.
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    Last night crispy pig knuckle This morning a recovery breakfast of Jajka sadzone Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Shut it. New FOTM > Old FOTM. It is the order of things.
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    Lil'Woody's 1/3rd lb burger with Tillamook pepper jack and Hill's bacon with cheese covered fries. I'll be back, but with 2-3 people. Took over half of it to go. Sent from my LG-H932 using Tapatalk
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    Pulled pork nachos.
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    Proper start to Sunday morning thanks to Donut Love. Maple Bacon
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    I've tried using golden reference HV supplies for the T2, but had some issues with negative rails as well as the current limiting when an issue occurs. I ended up reverting back to Kevin's original design. I will spend some more time with this in the future. My current GR HV mini board include depletion mode MOSFETs for current limiting in front of the GR HV supply similar to Kevin's T2 design. I'm also experimenting with a couple of ideas on how to enhance the current limiting on the GR HV (in case of a short), but need some more time for testing and $$$ for parts (... and a blast shield)