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    Yesterday I managed to escape from work for the day and go enjoy the outdoors with some coworkers.
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    Well I didn't do it - But Sonja Published our website today! https://www.tafonibakehouse.com/ Making good progress - we will be selling at the local market this week. Thanks for your support - turning this passion into a thing.. Cheers
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    First day in two months the high has been below 55 and first day in almost 3 its snowed. Hopefully this bad luck isn't a sign of how things will go with the new toy i just took delivery of..
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    Ripped the floors and shower out of our rental property. Installed the new floors. Will do the grout and fixtures on the shower tomorrow along with base boards. Next weekend new kitchen, bath room cabinets and counters. Only thing we aren't redoing is the garage. Although I did put new gutters on that. Paint etc still needs work next weekend too.
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    Nelson Pass, along with running his very successful company, supports the DIY community with some landmark minimalist designs. This is not one of them. https://www.passdiy.com/project/speakers/the-kleinhorn-part-1
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    Might as well enjoy the finer things before they end up shutting down all restaurants due to this Corona crap.
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    Bought 18 pounds of tri tip at Costco this morning and currently preparing a dry rub for half of them. We are hosting the Hong Kong national team, French and Italian coaches and a Russian with a So Cal BBQ tomorrow. The fencers and coaches are here training for the Anaheim World cup in two weeks so they will be at the club and training with Lance a bit . Weather seems not to be cooperating for tomorrow as intermittent rain and winds of 30 plus mph are in the forecast. My plan as usual is to drink lots of Brunello and figure it out as I go. At least we don't have Jose's sandstorm to deal with so life is good.
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    Ahhh, Rogers was a photographer too. https://petapixel.com/2020/03/23/the-late-kenny-rogers-was-a-fantastic-photographer/
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    Al is home safely and with crockpot chicken pot pie on the menu I decided that some risk to global calamity was acceptable.
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    Milled a new “corrected” board on Sunday. When populated and ready for test the bloody thing worked fine for a few seconds than it started to decrease voltage slowly down to 230 volt or so. I started to change component by component and when just a few unchanged I replaced the dn2540 and issue solved, phuuu. Anyhow. Now the regulator seems to work alright, okey just 10 – 12 mA of load. With trimmer (200R) there is a range of 5V at 400V. Picture shows 400.0V and after 20 minutes the meter in “minmax” says average 400.0V within -0.0/+0.1.
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    I just milled this board for a CNC probe I’m working on. Those are .01” slots. I’m surprised I could do this
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    Here's my KGSSHV build to offset all the fantastic, professional-looking ones posted in this thread (milling your own front plate?!). I had an old computer case lying around, so used that as the chassis. T hanks a lot to Spritze r. I started with his kit and BOM, and then exchanged about a hundred emails with him. I lowered the values of the pull-down resistors on the amp boards to eliminate hum. Other than that, the thing worked the first time. The player is a HiBy R6Pro, and I'm listening with Koss ESP/95X phones from Massdrop.
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    last batch came out nice -- more pickling.
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    Today’s exercise. Milled a double sided board and populated it. Now I know it’s fairly easy to solder this by hand. If you can solder a mini T2 board the GRHVxxx boards shouldn’t be much of a problem. Besides it’s funny. This board is essential the same as Kerry’s except no enable and a trimmer to adjust output voltage. Thanks for those mini boards Kerry.
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    ...so Grado's?
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    Made good progress this weekend testing the PSU main board and the GRHVxxx. Everything tested works as designed. The LED has a cool feature - it blinks at power on till the timed delay kicks in then the B+/B- are turned on and the LED stays on constantly. Photoed is my test setup powering my electrostatic CFA. GRHVxxx set up for 339VDC rails intended for my SRX Plus. The current draw with the CFA is quite low and over the 4+ hours, the regulated voltages were rock stable and temperature rise was minimal. I hand-soldered everything including all SMD parts Waiting to hear back on the quote for assembled GRHVxxx board. Should have more to share this coming week.
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    Tannoy Dimension TD12s driven by a pair of Mark Levinson No 333 monoblocks. Ho lee shit.
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    Grilled pizza tonight, complete with homemade dough. COVID home living has got to be good for something.
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    not the prettiest build, but i'm learning. goal was to make it work, and worry about the looks later. metal works was something new for me, you need to have good tools. these are my first two amps i have ever built. lower one is SS dynalo. edit: looks like i can upload maximum one picture(500 kb).
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    Yup, it is there in the on right side of the white buildings in the center.
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    Listening to McCoy Tyner, NPR Jazz Profiles https://www.npr.org/2020/03/06/812954365/mccoy-tyner-the-pianist
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    First: Always great, Simon & Garfunkel "Wednesday Morning 3 a.m" Then (About "the Sound of Silence) Disturbed "Immortalized" IMO I prefer the original Simon & Garfunkel... Edit: I don't know why but I love listening to Simon & Garfunkel in my old Lambda Pro. Their voices sound wonderful
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    Not sure where to put this, so it is going here. My wife is the CEO of the charity Brendoncare Foundation, which owns and runs residential care homes throughout the South of England. One of people in their care, Bob Weightman, is now the world's oldest man. He will be 112 on 29th March. He lives in his own flat, and carers pop in twice a day just to check he is OK. He has absolutely all his marbles intact. The video here is on his 111th birthday. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-51656545 Worth playing the interview. And this is a guy who was born 6 years before the start of WWI in 1908.
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    Love This Giant Great album... turned the volume up a bit and I'm loving it. I do think David Byrne added a lot of warmth and humanity to Annie Clark's signature cold, brilliant style of music. I hope they do another album together soon.
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    A pair of Carbon boards complete other than JFETs. I used Soren's pre-adjustment method on the CCS's. They all came up at 15mA initially; adjusted them to 17mA for a start. I still need to clean the boards more. These are the .6G boards and appear to have a ground plane (haven't looked at the gerbers), so all resistors, etc. are up off the board. If any of you Stax mafia dudes see anything amiss, please let me know. I was careful building these... Also, I got some pluggable connectors, Hirose DF5A (DF5A-5P-5DSA(35), DF5A-5S-5C) which are 500Vdc rated, and would fit just fine. They have one small nub or pin on the bottom, but it looks like you could either cut it off, or drill a small hole in the PCB for it.
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    Thanks, it was a really good opportunity for me to get one with very low miles, only 10k. All vipers are stick, an auto of any type has never been offered. I wanted to get into a car like this now. I just dont see how something like it can ever be made again. Because of emission standards, fuel economy requirements and safety requirements (vipers went out of production due to not being able to meet safety in the USA). A normally aspirated 8.4L engine mated to a 3 petal 6 speed with giant rubber at all four corners. It's a dinosaur, in the driver's seat you will never be lulled into thinking you are driving something rationale or refined. That's what makes it special.
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    Yesterday I realized that, unconsciously over the years, I have bought almost all of Trane's discography on vinyl. Today touch this PS: Every day I enjoy more of my Pass Xono DIY.
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    I have a new love, sorry Dolly Parton.
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    Are you referring to me?
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    Meh....it's just smoke and mirrors. It's actually a fake chassis for the McIntosh gear, and each houses this little Tripath amp inside:
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    Land of Giants, and then a little more McCoy/Bobby collaborations.
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    I'm so getting these:
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    Here’s the board mounted in the probe.
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    Thanks everyone! Had a day that involved a walk with Carole over what passes for paths in the UK at the moment (miles of extreme mud and standing water). Then we went out for a curry, which was exceptionally good, then to an excellent play adaption of Dickens' Bleak House https://www.creationtheatre.co.uk/whats-on/bleak-house/ .
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    Went for a walk in the rolling hills outside Novato with Joanne and some Brit's. I think some biscuit induced climate change made it somewhat breezier than we were anticipating. Later we went to Costco where the shelves seemed to be picked almost clean. I made it out with one of the last 4 slabs of Diet Coke. They were sold out of rice. The staff said it had been like that all week with people stocking up on dried goods. I can't think why? /s https://projects.sfchronicle.com/2020/coronavirus-map/
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