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    Every now and then I receive emails where people want free review samples or some stupid shit like that. Now then this gem showed up today: I just like the blatant offer to offer promotion and clearly a glowing review for a measly 45% discount... My reply is below... Kevin told me not to be too harsh... I think it went ok.
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    A certain someone made a great effort to ensure I didn't fly hungry
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    Track bag is packed and ready to go. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Tapatalk
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    Finished assembling this,pretty comfy color
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    So I finished my my KGSSHV Carbon a few weeks ago. Been too busy listening to it, but I thought I would share my effort and measurements. I am lucky enough to have access to some test gear that allowed me to take thermal pictures of the amp and some further analysis such as frequency response. I also put together a bring up guide that I used. It is basically a summary of what others have already come up with here in posts. it can be viewed at: KGSSHV Carbon Bringup Guide Attached is the test report. And yes, the wiring still needs to be tidied up in that picture, especially the grounding. I was a little impatient, plus I still need to design a small latch and inrush limiter circuit for the momentary switch. For now the switch on the IEC connector makes do. KGSSHV Carbon - SR17001.pdf
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    Here's a new layout I'm working on. It's a GR HV/LV, Bias and Delay circuit (with LED flasher) all on one 4 layer board (3.5" x 5.5"). The pass devices can mount to the bottom plate or a heatsink. Mostly SMD parts and uses the GR78/9xx modules. Once tested I'll make this all available.
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    Here's something that has been cooking for a while... what happens when you take some heavily tweaked SR-X Mk3 normal bias drivers, an old SR-303 cable, some earpads from Belarus and a cheap Beyer clone from China? Something that is actually pretty decent... Now the drivers are actually Pro bias if that wasn't clear but this one fun sounding set of headphones. Off the Carbon CC it has that lovely tuneful bass the SR-X Mk3 Pro has but this one has far more body to it. The voices are sublime and have that SR-X quality to them without the over damped nature of the originals. The highs a tad too lively but that will be tweaked in version 2.0. Over all...I'm a happy bunny for spending next to nothing one these... It's fun to play with this stuff and see what comes of it.
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    Whiskey Donuts. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Still crappy wiring jobs
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    Got back from upstate NY, an adventure to visit Clarkson University for Admitted Students' Day (today/Saturday). Due to the weather, we left Thursday instead of Friday. Tough ride, save for a nice pic Karen got on the Lake Champlain Ferry; long, couldn't find a good place to stop for dinner, and ended up getting to the hotel just past 10pm. Andrew got into a class Friday, and spent a bit of time on campus. It turns out he is not as impressed these days. A big part of that is due to Wheaton College in MA jumping very high on his list, after a student-hosted night and also attending a class there. It set a pretty high standard to meet. Combine that with the snow, odd eating schedules causing general grumpiness in all of us, and a dead car battery that had to be jumped. We got to the event this morning, looked at the agenda....and decide to leave and get home. So Andrew has made his choice of Wheaton, and we all think it's a great one. Great combination of Tech and Liberal Arts, and an incredibly welcoming and diverse set of students and faculty. Along with Clarkson, Wheaton also gave fantastic merit money. And it's not a 6-plus-fucking-hour ride.
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    Today I’ve shorten in the front and back panels. Makes the three layer Carbon looking neater. Dual power connectors on the back. Using the T2 power supply, too lazy to build a new one. Still more work to. But it works as it is and it sound all right.
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    Landed back in Texas today. Had a fantastic time with my Brother and his family. I'm worn out from full days at Seaworld and Disneyland. The only regret is missing Al by hours in San Diego! Would have loved to make that work.
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    The master at work. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Noticed Zoë had updated one of her shirts; thought you may enjoy. **BRENT**
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    Milled a couple of small board 0.8 x 1.15 in. Put a cheap USB microscope on CNC machine. Easy to move microscope over the board. Took this picture, optical magnification x40.
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    Wow! Just woke up from this crazy ass dream, where I'm in bazaaro land, and everyone else is gay and giving me advice on hair products! Oh, wait... Firstly you wanna be queens, I was a Bumble and Bumble hair model in the 80's. I may be a fat old homo now, but I've forgotten more about hair styles and hair products than you now or will ever know. What's next, you guys gonna give me tips on fellating a penis?
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    M5/RS/CTS-V wagons are pretty sweet, now if only the German ones made it over this way. Getting my first truck tomorrow. Shocked I would ever say this, but I'm kind of looking forward to getting a truck.
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    When in Rome, you have that Roman nonsense. When in the South, you have fried chicken. And sausage/cheese/pickles And some tamales (the leftovers, at least) Did I mention chicken? Oh, yeah, and we had a side of chicken. One must have fries... and chicken. Notice the bread at the bottom of all the chicken? If you're wondering if it tastes like chicken, it does. (It also soaks up all the grease, and as I was discussing with someone when I had this place at a catered event, pulling the soaked toast out afterwards and making chicken-soaked croutons sounds amazing.) Zoe as the protector of the sides And the gratuitous parting shot. Not pictured: a slacker Had a blast. I, too, am sad we didn't get a pic of Dan, especially after he left at 5am today to meet us, but his memory shall keep him going til the next time. I also think this is the furthest out I've had a dinner planned in years. **BRENT**
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    Finally the holy triple with the frontplate of the carbon
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    I got music!!! Thank you Kevin, Soren, Joe (beautiful chassis) and all that helped me!! running at 18mA.
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    Done Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Somewhere in the 260s. I have a rolling chassis with steering and gear box. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Tapatalk
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    This arrived: I spent way too much time to get to: Step 120 of 856 So fun but the kids are dying to see the finished product and I'm dying to keep them from losing one of the 2704 (mostly tiny) parts. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Tapatalk
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    Oysters, clams, conch cakes, crab/lobster bisque, sweet potato waffle fries
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    I expect to now be able to spend significant amounts of time on new designs
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    Marched for science with the wife and daughter, friend, and fellow geeks. Funniest moment was running into my daughter's 5th grade teacher last year with her partner who was carrying a sign with the following elements and words: Flourine Uranium Carbon Potassium Trump/Spence
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    Pork Belly burger at the Next Whiskey Bar. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Butt finishing, gesha roasting, shots being pulled. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The king has fallen. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    One day last year, while planning my Carbon build, I thought it would be neat to have a dynamic headphone amplifier in a matching case. The Dynahi suggested itself, though I wanted something a little less overkill. Then it occured to me that I might be able to stuff a Dynahi and a Dynalo into one case, and so make an amplifier capable of driving any headphone. So I made this, which I called the DDCA (Dynalo-Dynahi Combination Amplifier): one set of inputs feeding two amps, with separate output protection circuits, separate volume pots, three GRLV power supplies, and one transformer. It was a 3D puzzle to fit everything in (if I were to make another one, I'd position the Dynahi boards right-side up, turned out there is enough clearance that way and it would have simplified assembly) and the wiring took forever (plus keeping it perfectly tidy is beyond my skill). I lowered the gain on both the Dynalo and the Dynahi, since on most amps, I have the volume at 10 o'clock or less, and I wanted to use more of the volume control. Have to admit: the RK50 on the Carbon spoiled me, and the TKD 601 pots here don't live up to it. Not bad, though. Like I posted a couple of days ago, I couldn't bias the Dynahi section as high as I wanted, but even at 0.40V across the 20ohm output device resistors it runs fairly warm, so I decided to leave it alone for now. I also need to get the top anodized black. Maybe add some speaker binding posts... wonder how much of a speaker load I can drive from the Dynahi? Both sections sound great to me, though I don't have an HE-6 or K1000 to really put the Dynahi through its paces. As usual — many thanks to @kevin gilmore and @spritzer for all the designs and boards. This wouldn't exist without you guys. Thanks to @vilts for making matching titanium knobs, thanks to @Zashoomin for getting extra sand with me so we could make matched sets, and thanks to everyone here for group buys and all the help and support.
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    Just made an offer and it was accepted for this beast. 2013 BMW K1600 GTL Rode for a couple of hours Saturday. Unbelievable. 6th gear at 10mph, hit the throttle and instant acceleration. You would think big and clumsy. Nope. Very flickable. Just as important, my favorite rider (Karyl) approves
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    Getting a little better at it. Starting to like it better.
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    Turned my car into a race car yesterday. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Tapatalk
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    to be fair, Brent is gayer than you are lately.
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    Actually I'm now basically 100% on track to become a first-time homeowner in the fall as long as I keep maintaining some semblance of financial discipline. It has been a very long road to this point but the end goal is finally in sight.
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    It might be a small victory, but I used some money from a work bonus to pay off the remainder of the loan balance due on my WRX today. I now own her free and clear. I am happy.
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    it was good, and we kept brent away from the biscuits.
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    Just built my mini GRLV supplies. The Negative came up just fine and works perfectly The positive supply is giving me some issues and I'll need to debug it. Here's some pictures... This pic shows a board I made for the Blue Hawaii that has the +5V, Digital Controller (ATMega328P) and Digital attenuator board along with the GR7/9xx regulators. I'll mount them once the positive supply is working.
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    Grilled cheese for dinner...
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    I find it hilarious that you managed to get ice cream before you even leave the airport. I went the lazy way tonight and just Traegered the steaks to go with the mushrooms. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Got my datadog swag pack ... (Fedexed overnight from NY)
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    Did some work on mocking up the chassis and getting into a more listenable state. I will need to get aluminum top/bottom and rear panels for this (not using the steel ones that it came with). I'm also still a bit concerned with how warm the buffer transistors run, and this is open air. Using a modified amb e12 protector board (with muting). I tested this to see if HF oscillation would trip it, and it did (12V ~70MHz with the feedback set to the mid FB point). Listening-wise, it is likely my favorite amp, even being single-ended. This thing has balls, and seems to open up the recording more than any other amp I have built or used. Since my SE DynaHi boards are a drop-in, I may take another listen to those as well, but from memory, the FET version stomps it. I am going to build up a GRLV for this, and will likely get a 50 or 100VA Antek trafo for it instead of the 120 or 160VA SumR I have in here (a bit in the HC overdo it fashion ).
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    No, no ebay for me and you're free to buy whereever you want. i'm not offended at all if i didn't want people to make them, I wouldn't have released it under CC-by-SA license. Open source is just something I appreciate and promote and I much prefer people who respect it . that's it
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    Cast iron steak and mushrooms. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk