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    I was with Alex in his first judo championship... My champion. [emoji16]
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    Thanks for the good tidings, my friends. Mellow day, lunch with an old friend, and dinner coming up with family and Mr Tice. Sisters in law are bringing home made biscuits and cocktails and Claire made a lovely chocolate poke cake. Good times.
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    Made some multi-coated front panel recently. This is a small project @ang728 and I ran together. This is our first attempt to try multi-coated for the front panels. I don't know if this kind of finishing will start to peel off in longterm. We'll see. We are thinking making more interesting colors, too. Maybe "Hulk" green or something like that... The blue one has tapered feet while the red one has real spiked feet.
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    Here's some pics of the power supply inside a Canon build...
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    Thanks folks. Aerial picture of old and new “mini T2”. The new just got a top plate, looks rather nice when newly polished. Small holes in front of small tubes are for trimmers. I drilled two 6.5mm holes in the old to plate (between big tubes) for the balance servo jumpers. Made this jumper with a piece of cable and heat shrink.
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    Hi Jpleg, I don't think that should be a concern. I don't see myself jacking up the price. Let me give you a quick background about me and my Company. My company is "Kaldas Research"- as the name suggests, we are a Research company. Our main Business is contract R&D and Manufacturing. "Kaldas" is named after my Grandfather Mr. Gokaldas Chandan who was a big inspiration for me as he started with absolutely nothing. Making my own Headphone was a very old dream. I started as an enthusiast with my HD650 around 8 years ago, what rekindled my dream was when I visited Beyerdynamic in Heilbronn back in 2015. The factory and family owned spirit of Beyerdynamic was a big moment for me to consider making my own Headphone. I have been lucky enough to visit G.R.A.S. in Denmark as well as Klippel GmbH, all of them had an impact on me in one way or another. As to your concern, why am I selling at $500? Is the Headphone cheaply made? Does it sound like Garbage? For me, it's simple. I am personally sick and tired of the over-inflation in prices of recent Headphones. Most people are trying to get into the Headphone industry to make money. I am not. I think there are better ways to make money than to get into an overly crowded industry. At the end of the day, I'm just a kid with a passion. The skepticism people have is beyond my control. Regards,Aumkar
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    I took these two fellows.. …on a ride to big brother who has his own original Kevin DIY T2 PSU (reduced voltages - everything else as original). With this PSU both mini T2 are silent - no annoying hum. Here they are all together.
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    I also don't think Fang really understands what is going to happen now. I'm going to track down a Shangri-la jr. amp no matter the cost just to rip it apart.
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    Many years ago when I was first getting into the headphone audio hobby I was told by a headphone amp manufacturer "who are you going to believe, me or your lying ears"?
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    To the right is a just finished mini T2. Transistors mounted direct onto heat sinks. Inner width is 159 mm (6.26 in). Most of the components are moved from my first amplifier with in kitchen made boards, including the small LEDs and diodes. Heat sinks, all connectors (STAX, Neutrik, Amphenol) are from one of my full size DIY T2 (RIP – I’ll build a new one with all original parts) This is my third mini T2. The building process has been straight forward. The only thing is that left channels of all the three amplifiers have a bloody annoying hum during the first minutes after start up. I’ve no idea what causes it.
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    HI Jose, Majority of sales will be through my website (direct). Distribution will be hard to achieve but of course, if I can strike an acceptable deal with distributors then we will definitely build a network. Wachara, my film isn't different from regular PET. We just make it ourselves which I find a little cool! Kinda like how Grand Seiko grows their own Quartz crystals. The RR 1 Conquest is almost 98% made in-house. The only part we don't make ourselves is the Earpad, I spent a year trying to make one that looked production quality but did not succeed. I finally had to go to China for it. Our Earpads are made at the same factory where many big name Manufacturers get theirs made as well. RR 1 Earpads are bespoke, not off the shelf.
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    Hey! That’s all I listen to! Goes to find 2 sticks to rub together to start dinner... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I experienced something pretty phenomenal yesterday afternoon. I was hanging out with friends on the last afternoon of the March 2019 Texas Mile watching the last few racers remaining make passes. The conditions were good....very good. Steady tailwind and the temps were dropping. The current record holder, a last gen Ford GT that's been Gulf Oil colors (my personal favorite livery) beat his prior record over the weekend...went 297 over his 293mph. Ungodly speeds for a standing mile (and lets not forget there is the whole stopping thing over limited real estate). Well....the team ticked off a 300.4mph pass...HOLY COW!!! The crowd was a bit thin but we all lit up. My friends and I were watching mid-track and listening to the announcer as the marker speeds were called out. Absolutely thrilling moment for me personally and I think for many of the mile racers there. vroom vroom... HS
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    Harbeths, with bonus miau.
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    Thanks Pars and yes you got it right. And she's a real beaut
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    I bought them in December when there were very few dates announced, we have friends in MN, and this weekend is my birthday, so we had planned to go for the weekend. Unfortunately it didn't work out. But we have tickets closer to home this summer.
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    I think mine is already finished but I need to touch up something. My pocket CFA.
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    First time riding the lower trails after the rain melted all the snow. Things have changed drastically this year! Some deep puddles in the first pic, the second is more representative of the current water level.
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    New Jenny Lewis album. Thumbs up. Appreciate the cover art, too.
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    Sbubby helping Head Case avoid gingivitis.
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    Happy Birthday Al - I think we need to photo bomb this thread... Love ya Bro...
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    We'll catch up to you someday Ric... MOA XI --