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    I took a leave of absence from work. It was a pretty painless process. I'll be back after my surgery. I feel much, much better.
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    Lots of work, today, getting ready for the move. Then this. I dunno if Loosey loved it, but I sure did. Colie got about half an hour of Loosey cuddles, too. Mostly White Cat, our male adult cat, even licked Loosey on the face.
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    Homemade Chile Rellenos made with garden grown poblano peppers with a side of ghost pepper, green and purple jalapeño, tomato and onion salsa from the garden. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Realized I forgot to eat today, so made up for it at the Chinese restaurant.
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    Decided to sell my 116610LV (Green Sub) because I don’t wear it much. Got $1000 more than I paid for it brand new last year, which was nice! Thank you Rolex for restricting supply of all the steel sports models. Am using the funds for a 1969 yellow gold 1803 Day-Date for my wife’s 50th next year. Yup, birth year watch time, roast me ...
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    Brisket cheesiladas
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    Just learning some electronics from this guy...
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    I think the large Santos was the right decision. The Santos is gorgeous, and is extremely comfortable (I was able to size it just right). The strap might even be vegetable tanned, but I can't figure out how to get the deployant buckle on (it was not installed from the jeweler). The bracelet is what I'll wear it on, but I'll stop by after my move, next week. My mother also gave me back my dad's watch.
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    I still love that Lou Reed song! Actually that tarantula was very cute looking and timid which is good. Nothing like a aggressive spider attack to ruin one's evening. I sent this picture to Lance who is still at fencing camp in Italy and told him that if when he gets home he doesn't complete all of his chores he left unfinished, he will see this tarantula again. 👿
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    Yes! Look what came in Just got done with a test fitting Everything fits just as well as the prototype and and still reasonably compact. The finish isn't perfect and I can spot some very minor blemishes in some spots, but nothing to get worked up about at this price point. All parts were packed separately so it will take me a bit of time to get everything sorted out, especially getting all the screws into tiny baggies. Aiming to have everything packed by this weekend and shipping throughout the week next week.
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    Homemade catfish and hush puppies. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This was earlier today... Many of you remember the Hummingbird Cafe in Fairfax. Their smoked salmon omelet is really good.
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    Busy cleaning way too much this past weekend and snapped this of our two cats. I’m surprised they both crashed out with the “terror machine” sitting right there. Kylie (part bengal) on the left, Abby on the right. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The pictures do not do her justice. I say this in a professional non judgemental totally without pervy intentions sort of way.
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    It was hot. But the view was nice at the top.
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    Started a spreadsheet for scheduling fencing competitions for the next ten months. Booking hotels and airfare begins next week when Mary and Lance return. No one better die or give birth until August 15 of 2019 or life will get real complicated real fast.
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    He really have special interest on feet. Father became nomad but mother and son stick together with us.
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    Monday was my Son´s 14th B-day.
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    I’m pretty sure Birgir has plenty of dough.😁
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    It's growing on me (I've had it for almost exactly 3 hours, now). It's certainly a much dressier watch than the 1675, but also a little undercover. Though I suppose most people will think it's a Sub, even with the fourth hand and the 24 hour bezel. It's really neat how the ceramic bezel changes color with the light, though.
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    The current 007Mk2 is excellent and an upgrade over the Mk1 really (once port modded) and that would still be my top choice. The only ones which can reproduce the full range without any issues. The top end on the current Mk2's is improved and amps like the Carbon means they are not dark at all. The 009's are too bright and even when fitted with EP-007 earpads they are just grating to me. The earpad change has helped though, they are now more dynamic and not as uninvolving as the 009's have always been. As for the 009S's, they are growing on me with the older 009 earpads plus I did some small tweaks to improve the sealing. They are still bass deficient but at least the top end doesn't make me want to cut off my ears... It's nice open top end and with the older pads they have a bit more focus which the stock setup really lacks. While I've been digging around in the 009's (both sets) I just wonder why Stax did certain things. Why isn't the housing more substantial? Why is that crummy glued on bit next to the cable entry? Wasn't there some better way to make a baffle than this hackjob?
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    Okay Bing - you are not even playing fair anymore.