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    We'll have a prototype of the new GS-X mini at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest next month!
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    Been busy at work, but managed to pull a new version of the T2 amp board together. I've added separate modules for the active batteries, balance servo, pre-CCS feeding the output CCS and the opto coupled output servo. I should be able to plug and play with a few options on these modules. Here's a rendering (Eagle / Fusion 360)... I still have to test, but so far I'm happy with the layout.
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    People connected to me on FB and Instagram may have gotten the memo that we're fostering a litter of four puppies for the next ten days or so. It's exhausting but rewarding, and probably something the kids will remember for awhile. Eleanor wants to adopt one of course.
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    Preliminary results. I don't know anything about carpentry so please don't be too cruel to me.
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    Now with top plate. Aerial view, the two holes in front of outer small tubes are for balance trimmers. Adjust balance after some time of warm up and then insert jumpers for the servos.
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    19th Anniversary Dinner! Me: Bucatini with shrimp Anne: Almond crusted cod Us 19 years ago: If you look closely, the priest was the Jazz guitarist at Canjam Chicago. Wait, Canjam? Is that what it was called? Sorry if I got the name wrong. ChiUniFi?
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    We hiked 11+ miles, which was further than I had anticipated. We reached a bluff overlooking the ocean at the half way point, and Claire spotted a whale. We watched it breaching, spouting and tail slapping for a few minutes until it disappeared from our view. It started raining a little -- the first rain I've experienced in California since May -- although it was not predicted until late tonight. I was wearing a flannel shirt and Claire had on a light puffy coat. In other words we were not prepared for rain in any way. It continued and intensified for the entire trip back. We arrived back at the hotel soaked to the skin from head to toe. The first half was excellent. The second half wasn't.
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    Working with my quality control...
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    Had three Rio Olympians working out with the club this evening. Lance fenced two Olympians but unfortunately lost to each so we moved his bed into the garage until he improves. Lots of great experience for the fencers and hopefully they have upped their game after tonight.
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    I am very satisfied with the outcome of this build. Some background. I wanted to build an amplifier based on the T2 but simpler. There isn’t anything I’ve invented. I just copied and pasted pieces and ideas from Kevin, Kerry, Birgir et al - without asking for permission. Draw up a schematic this morning of the amplifier in the same “fashion” as DIY T2 by Kevin Gilmore. The amplifier doesn’t have R66, which is suggested by Kevin. Be aware of errors since I did this in a rush. As about the sound. I AM VERY HAPPY with her. But that’s maybe like asking me how much I love my four grandchildren.
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    Almost as Mr. JvlGato (congrats, btw!), 21th - dating - Anniversary Dinner! Artichoke Heart + Poached Egg Curd Cheese, Paris Mushrooms, Asparagus Herb-Crusted Lamb, White Beans (should I call it Cassoulet?) Shrimp + Cod + Couscous Île flottante Profiteroles
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    Now with left channel. The work with left channel went very smooth – no errors – like plug and play. Need a top plate, fix that tomorrow. And a matching PSU… but now I need some vacation.
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    I made the @Absorbine_Sr fennel, sausage, kale and bean stew tonight. Simple and tasty.
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    Played golf on an actual course for the first time in many moons. Hit it great as is customary after a long layoff, 9/9 GIR and level par. Will of course learn to suck again.
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    Thanks for all the birthday wishes. We celebrated both Karens and my birthday (only separated by 13 years and 361 days) on Saturday at our favorite Japanese restaurant. Much sushi and sake was consumed.
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    It's the first real day of fall and marks the return of pork chili verde and cast-iron-skillet cornbread.
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    Yes, it's better. Better output transistors and more powerful transformer mounted off of the PCB (less noise). Also, the tubes we had at ATL were a miss--match with the amp configuration at the time. I think it sounds very, very close to the T5 from the year before: maybe a tad less soundstage, but better tonality, deeper bass with the same microdetail up top. At the same time, Doug's design with the PCB and packaging - especially the thermal bar - means the entire amplifier is much more robust than the T3. This is the guts of the production version:
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    For clarity, this was a gift not an announcement.
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    Yesterday's tritip today. Scramble a few eggs and there's breakfast.
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    The Un-Skanky Van The Tice-mobile. Vincent. In any event, you should get sponsored, Top Gear Style, by Larsen's Biscuits and Peniston Oils Because what could possibly go wrong ...
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    LoL @tkam our New member and yours are both tuxedo and fluffy. Meet "Yumak"
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    I used hatch and jalapeño peppers for the chili verde, which made it very smooth and not as spicy as with pasilla peppers. I learned this by making a burrito for testing purposes.
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    Where's my box?
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    My present arrived (delayed in shipping). Some insanely light and delicate handblown Austrian Burgundy glasses. Seen here being christened with some Marcassin. Given that you are talking about a man who has previously managed to spill wine into his friggin’ AirPods case, I wonder how long they will last?