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    God I hate installing carts Managed not to blow anything up, as the pass ono requires opening the top to access the MC settings and add a jumper for setting gain 🤦‍♂️ at least the cart was pretty easy to install due to threaded mounting holes and the cart pins actually lining up directly with the headshell pins. gratuitous doggie pics!
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    Well cheap compared to all the monster amps out there So correctly done, one would do the Uberamp2-Raal edition, which results in something really big,heavy and lot of heat. And a custom and large chassis, and a pile of $$$ This is a bit cheaper and easy enough for just about anyone to do. From the Ti Opa541 datasheet, showing paralled opamps good for at least 7 amps rms of output into anything including a dead short... Designed to be mounted directly to the heatsink, amp board right angle to the heatsink. All wires to the board directly soldered, 4 oz copper highly recommended. Power supplies are a minimum of 24V at 10 amps, like this, but more current not a bad thing. You need a pair of these! https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/MEAN-WELL/UHP-350-24?qs=YCa%2FAAYMW011AuZKubw9Sw%3D%3D So by the time you get done, about $400 in parts. Better than spending $4500 on an unknown made in croatia thing with inside pictures deliberately hidden. .02uf is a film cap, 10uf are mlcc caps, .1 ohm resistors are caddock https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Caddock/MP930-010-1?qs=%2Fha2pyFaduhEz86YdyVUnzk8BCJOExJuzQrioCIidHi6TdsKxEEAVg%3D%3D raalopamp - CADCAM.ZIP
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    You can tell it's vintage from the big bush.
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    I like my porn vintage!
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    I'm somewhat glad of that, Innefidelity was Tyll's child and no one, less that stupid pretentious ignorant of an editor they hired, would replace him. What they were trying to do, which is converting headphones into another unknowing rich people niche of consumerism at absurdly unreachable prices, won't work. Now if they want to keep a working headphones magazine they need to hire someone knowing about sound, music and headphones.
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    Ribeye, blistered shisito peppers, sugar snap peas, and garlic bread. Satisfying.
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    Decided to ride to our vacation spot today. Didn't look at time/distance/speed once during the ride. Just rode at a pace that I thought would allow me to finish. An unexpected detour added about five and a half miles and an additional big hill or two but I survived, so no complaints.
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    Today's commute back and forth to work. It was hot.
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    Finished! Thanks to KG, Sbelyo, Pars and mwl168 for the help!
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    Since I could not visit Chicago this year I went on a Chicago music journey. 1.) 2.) 3.)
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    Because Nelson Pass is a bit of a nutter with building stuff. He apparently has a big house.
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    I bid $10 for the Utopias. That is some really good speaker money.
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    Today's ride on the new to me Lemond: 17.3 miles, 13.6 mph, 798 calories, 589ft elevation gain
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    Now I want to make that diffusion panel.
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    Incremental gains. 69% humidity doesn't seem like a lot, but ugh.
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    Finished my latest music.
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    The first two look interesting and they both use ESS Sabre chips so I know I like that sound (if properly utilized). The Schiit does not do DSD (as far as I can tell) which makes it non comparable since I am looking at affordable DACs that do native DSD. Here is the Mytek on the iFi rack
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    I've been continuing to train pretty hard this year and am now back to commuting to work on the bike. Had a nice tailwind on the way home today and was racing impending storms so I pushed hard.
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    checking out Willie Nelson's new album. also another recent REL sub addition here (the unmarked wood box)
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    I like how a heatsinked 3U chassis is now the modest build answer
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    It was a little heavy on the sale and pepper but other wise turned out good. I took the right 1/3 and turned it into burnt ends, those came out better. and "Super Smoke" mode on the Ironwood appears to do the job.
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    Trying the next brisket experiment on the Traeger. It's a 4lb (trimmed) point so we'll see how this turns out compared to the flat that I did previously. It was a bit of a bizarre cut, I think that they actually cut the whole point off of the flat so the right hand side (as shown above) is pretty floppy and unsupported. I'll likely end up turning half of this or so into burnt ends to go along with some traditional brisket slices tonight for dinner.
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    I never really venture into these threads, but I had to come in here to see what the fuck Al was talking about.
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    How tall will it end up being? Reason I ask, CMU even when concrete filled has very little strength to resist backfill. And be especially cautious if there is any potential for the soil behind the wall to get saturated and retain water. They make little weep structures to allow water but not dirt to pass thru the wall and I'd advise that as well as adding some reinforcing to help give the wall a bit more strength if it's going up more than a course or two. NOTE - I'm not licensed to practice engineering in your jurisdiction so you should take all of that as informal, friendly advice. EDIT - nice work, I bet that was seriously back breaking.
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    Augie's Montreal Smoked Meats brisket pastrami. Delicious even though Steve wouldn't go for poutine. 🙁
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    Gary Moore YouTube comment: "Don't always listen to Gary Moore but when I do so do the neighbours."
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    You know that's not a bike, right? And that you're not supposed to have a beer while driving a car?
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    I should listen to this more often. I feel better about the world -- or at least forget a lot of the shit going down -- while it is playing.
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    Phoebe Bridgers — Punisher. This is very good.
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    Socially Distant Fish and Chips
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    He doesn't really need to worry about reading it. #shoveled
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    Getting ready over at sfjazz.org. Again only $5 for four shows people!
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    The Guardian today ”Miles Davis, Newport 1955: the day of a sensational comeback” Now half through (at Qobuz/Tidal; a few tracks unavailable) ...long night …only half of bottle left…
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    so many IEMs for sale now are straight copies of JH designs..its not even possible to keep up anymore. Just about everything is all marketing these days so to go after JH marketing is a bit ironic
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    That's a fucking sexy red speaker. End of my 5th week back lifting after 3 months off, finally starting to feel decent again. Down 10lbs, more full / solid through the back and shoulders. Need to drop another 5lbs and fill out my chest. Will never be cut, I like beer too much!
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