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  1. Guys, thank you for your advices, I appreciate it. So guess I'll take the Futuresonic's for low price of 120€ from Handheld audio. I was just looking for IEM's with nice bass and I guess these are nice for this price. Although ER-4 I'll consider as a backups when not listening to electronic and hiphop music. Thanks again
  2. LOL,don't be such a douchebag, I was searching on many sites, but I'm afraid that isn't enough. That's why I'm asking people on this forum which is known for nice suggestions.
  3. Hi guys, I need help with buying IEM headphones. I was looking for Shure's Se310 and then I saw some positive reviews for Ultimate Ears Super.fi 5EB and Ultimate Ears Super.fi 5Pro. I mainly listen to electronic and hiphop music. What would you prefer between these ones? If you suggest any other model, I will gladly listen to other suggestions. Sorry guys, I'm a newbie and I don't want to spend (max 200$) for a crap IEM's if you understand me. Thank you for your help in advance
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