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  • Birthday 10/21/1963


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    Regular guy. Genuine, honest & sincere. Genuine life long friendships / Getting to know people.
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    AV / Bible Study / History / Walking / Reading a good book / Love my music to relax to.
  • Occupation
  • Hobbies
    AV / Gardening / Cooking /Music is a very strong passion of mine especially for relaxation/escapism.
  • Headphones
    HD 600 with Kimber Kable / HD 650 replacment Kimber Kable & Kimber Kable Extention lead. HD 800's.
  • Headphone Amps
    Graham Slee Solo (definate purchase, just waiting for available funds.) / Lehmann Black Cube Linear(to be added soon.) Woo Audio A2 HP amp(enquiring at this stage.) as of 12-01-2010 still no headphone amp.
  • Sources
    Pioneer Kuro 6090 / Lexicon MC12b V.5 2008 RM EQ / LX 7 Amp. Denon AVC A1SE. Sony SACD 9000es/Sony CDP XA50ES player/ Sony MDSJA50es & MDSJA30es players/ Sony DAB ST-D 777es. Pioneer General & Reference Laserdisc players DVL-909/ 919/ CLD-925. Elite DVL-91 X2/ CLD-97/ CLD-99 X2. Muse HLD X9. (HLD X0 to be added by May 2010.) Pioneer Elite DV-09/ DV-38A/ DV-47Ai. Denon 3930 fully upgraded. Toshiba XA2 HD DVD Player.
  • Other Audio Gear
    Pioneer BDP LX-91 / BDP 09 Elite to be ordered from (Mr High End with Signiture Edition upgrade) by the end of May 2010.) Speaker Package to be chosen from the short list of: Monitor Audio GS(have had Demo and very happy 1st Place at present) / Spendor ST / B&W CM9. / Definitive Techs Towers, or Super towers(watch this space.) / Velodyn Sub (Demonstration complete & Very Happy) all takes time...11 1/2yrs and counting for me any way........End of Summer 2010 if all goes well. Also analogue/Digital audio and video cables from Wireworld. HiFi Tuning Audiophile Fuses ceramic 24 carat gold plated 13amp fuses for all of my power plugs(still have approx 20 to order,) Monster hts1000 x 2 power extension & surge protection. shall be replacing most of my stock equipment powercables to better reasonable priced after market quality shielded upgrades.

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