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  1. On the 8th January I finally paid for a Blu-Ray Player Pioneer LX-91, of which is currently with Pioneer UK having the latest software upgrades, and DVD Multi region mod. I have been informed that I should take delivery of this by this Friday-15th Jan. Looking forward to watching a few movies:)
  2. The 7th December I finally took delivery of the LEX MC12B & LX7 Amp after 4 1/2yrs. Fully upgraded to version 5.25 RM EQ 2008 software. That was a hard goal to complete I can tell you....pheeeew!
  3. I agree with your views on the Digital artifacts first noted on DVD, of which I invested into at the same time as I was importing Laserdisc's from the USA. I bought into both but preferred LD, but then again ''for me personally'' it's not just the picture or sound, but also the collectability of the artwork which is very attractive........I am still purchasing Laserdisc's today. Laserdisc lives comfortably with my DVD / HD DVD & Blu-ray's their all great. Sincere Regards
  4. Before purchasing a new TV it's always best to get the retailer to take the TV off the same video loop which feeds all the shops video, and ask them for a demo connected separately to a dvd/blu-ray player ect... As a number of members have said in so many words, the retailers do not really display the screens properly, which dosn't help! However with guys such as ourselves, we would look and ask, because of our pastime and the seeking of picture quality. A number of the population just want good price, looks, and to be happy with what they see with first impressions. I have a Pioneer Kuro PDP6090 for the main room and would be happy with an LED-LCD Samsung for the bedroom. Panasonic do have a rather large selection, of which as mentioned before can be very confusing indeed. :confused:
  5. Hi DarkRed, Welcome to this site and hope you enjoy visiting from titme to time. There a great bunch here, some may take time to get to know, but then that's natural. Sincerest Regards

  6. You are welcome sir. Hope to correspond at some stage Kindest Regards Mark

  7. The following help provided by Robm321, Existentialism , is a stage of development at which an individual questions the very foundations of their life. I am fine with my foundations, of which can be a long story for many of us here. However where I am now is a side subject, of which others ''hopefully can relate to, to some degree'' To finish off a dream goal of having for the first time my HiFi & AV systemsetup correctly, of which has taken almost 12yrs by April of 2010. Things are coming together very slowly, but reading about others experiences has been very inspiring ''of which I deeply appreciate'' When I finally have my 2 AV Support cabinets made, then I will take a weeks annual leave to set all of this up. Thank you to this site ''in part'' in making this journey of mine more pleassurable. Kindest & Sincerest Regards all round. P.S. never underestimate what you write and in turn what others read.
  8. Just read the story and was moved by the content.....Good to reflect on and also to appreciate all that we have. Family that we do not choose......we need to work hard in keeping good communications with, and the friends we choose in life to always let them know how much they mean to us. I always tell my close friends to tell me how they feel, and not to hold back ''for fear of being misunderstood'' Guys' ''not all guys'' but a good number, hold back from telling their friends how much they are loved and appreciated over the years of thier lives, and only when they are close to death do they open up with feelings. This is how I see it.....by telling those that are close to you, how much they are loved....you could actually play a small part in saving them from deaths door, and in turn help them to smile a lot more when you are not with them, when living thier daily lives. We are all fragile ''no matter what some may think'' and we all have a need to be appreciated and understood........LIFE IS GOOD:D Appreciate what you have written friend. Kindest Regards
  9. I purchased Star Trek 2009 3 disc Movie on Blu-Ray from the US along with Jumper (UK version.)
  10. Hi StratCat, A warmest of welcomes to this site and genuinely hope you enjoy visiting. All the best to you:)

  11. That was me.....bu hey!!!! I deserved it from you Gentlemen, even thou I was genuine in my replies......Oh! well I guess I was misunderstood as usual..... I would just like to say that your not such a bad bunch, and I really enjoy visiting this site, and genuinely appreciate what I have learned so far from yourselves. No doubt I will correspond with yourselves at some stage. Sincere Regards P.S. the reason why I am very polite is because I used to have a foul mouth when I was a lot younger, but then I grew up......various experiences later.
  12. Now that's what I'm talking about!!....very well said! My HD800's are fantastic and love what they bring out in the music....But Heh! That's me:) I find these cans improve from what I had before, and for me personally are worth every penny / cent / dollar & pound....
  13. I work a lot of Shift's ''Night and Day'' and so I will pay the charges just to get the Item to my door......
  14. When I eventually import the HLD X0 (approx 40 Kilo) player from Japan I know what to expect......Damn Them!!!!
  15. Ditto........ I agree with you on the charges front.....BOY'' DO WE GET SLAMMED OVER HERE........IN BLIGHTY:D
  16. I think a LARGE number of people just don't want the hassle with shipping, customs, charges and so on, with importing US equipment to the UK or europe. To be honest I can truly understand this, as this has personally cost me a great deal of money over the years. For Example' I imported a brand new, boxed sealed (a rare find) Pioneer Elite CLD-97 Laserdisc PLayer from a seller in the US, which took about 18mths from discussions to the item being in my hands. It cost me
  17. Your reply is diplomatic......and I personally like this approach. I never even lisened to my HD800 before purchasing and have no problems at all, I look forward to matching them up with a suitable Amp as and when funds allow. Heaphones are subjective from one person to another.......
  18. Langustini:D Welcome to this site and hope you enjoy visiting here. Sincerest Regards

  19. Hello and welcome to this site, Hope you enjoy visiting. Warmest Regards

  20. Like the rack and it's better than what I have I.E. the floor at present. Thanks for sharing. Sincere Regards
  21. Hello rl23gb, Warmest of welcomes to this site and hope you enjoy visiting. Kindest Regards

  22. Working all day which is fine, as I have equipment to purchase and enjoy pursuing these goals. It's good to have fulltime employment.
  23. You guys are gormea chefs, Great food, great pictures and the presentation...WOW! I used to be a silver service Waiter....and am impressed by the presentation shown here. I have just eaten a chicken and stuffing sandwich with wholmeal bread, which is a very poor 2nd to what some of you are eating. P.S. Old Pa .......Fantastic Pictures and the mixed salad looks really inviting to say the least, I myself prepare salads like this and I also add fruit to the mix......Weldone and enjoy
  24. 15 x bouncy balls for my nephews. 1 x Blu-Ray disc movie of Kingdom of Heaven Dir-Cut. 1 x Solid Oak Cd storage Cupboard.
  25. Hello and welcome, Gonewolff....good to have you here on this site. I genuinely hope that you enjoy visiting this site, and shall look forward to corresponding at some stage. Kindest Regards

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